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10 day growth hacking challenge

Meet the titans of growth hacking developing, implementing and mastering growth hacking as a part of the 10 day growth hacking challenge.  Learn from the best growth hackers on the planet disrupting some of the most challenging industries.  Using their growth hacking strategies learned from the growth thinking design methodology, they are among the top 3% of growth hackers on earth.

What is this challenge all about

Everything you need to know about the 10 day growth hacking challenge.  From what it is, how it works, how you qualify and how to participate.

About the 10 day growth hacking challenge and how it works.

The 10-day growth hacking challenge is designed to accelerate entrepreneurs’ growth from an idea to action in a snap. The challenge uses the growth thinking design methodology based on the book “Growth Thinking, think, design, growth hack, a design approach to growth hacking.”


This challenge is destined to help those aspiring to grow exponentially use growth hacking as the means of growth. This is based on a science-based design tool that some of the world’s top growth hackers use.



The challenge gets the contenders focused on a growth problem they are actively tackling. Once identified, the contender develops 3-growth hacks in 10 days. The guided approach challenges the contender to get out of their comfort zone using the best growth hacking strategies and tools.  


Using the growth thinking design to growth hack, the contenders use the creative yet structured approach to design, implement and test their growth hacks. This enables them to develop the core skills required to get their growth on track.  


Meet the top growth hackers on the planet. These are the titans of growth hacking spread across many industries and nations. They have taken and completed the 10 day growth hacking challenge and have achieved exponential growth. Watch and learn from the top players in the space, disrupting some of the most competitive industries.

Growth Hacker Contenders 1 - Growth Thinking - think, design, growth hack a design approaching to growth hacking

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Growth hacking analytics is an artificial intelligence-driven system.  It is designed to help contenders in the 10 day growth hacking challenge pinpoint powerful growth hacks that have gotten exponential results without anyone else being able to easily copy.