Compare Growth Thinking with other methodologies

Comparing growth thinking with other methodologies is based on four types of basic models. Each type of model has a different purpose, where growth thinking focused on accelerated growth models.

Compare Growth Thinking

This table is broken down into 5 parts.  The first is the methodology type; the second is the methodology’s name, the third is the impact that methodology has on growth, the fourth is the level of complexity it has, and the fifth is compatibility or fit with the growth thinking design methodology.

Remember, the growth thinking design methodology has been designed to work in a complementary fashion with major business methodologies for designing products or services, managing projects, and building companies.

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Comparing methodologies

There are four types of methodologies in order to compare growth thinking

Compare Growth Thinking helps you understand the difference between, Business models, product management, project management, and design.

Compare Growth Thinking with other methodologies

Four types of methodolgies

And they all work with growth thinking

That is the good news whether your using them for product management, product design growth think is an add-on, or van even be stand-alone, the point is if you want to accelerate your growth, the growth thinking design system is for you. Learn more about the different models covering some of the most popular models, ones your probably already suing and have been trained on.

Accelerating growth

Accelerating growth

How to accelerate and manage exponential growth using growth thinking 

Build a company

Building a company

How to start and build a company and develop its business model 

Managing projects

Managing projects

How to effectively implement and manage a product management model that works 

Offering Design

Product Design

How to optimize and manage product design using approaches like design thinking

Compare Growth Thinking with other methodologies table vs. some of the most popular management methods out there

This table helps you compare key methodologies in the areas of Business Model Frameworks,  Business Plan,  Startup Business Model,  Product Design methodology, Project Management methodology, and growth methods.

TypeNameImpact on GrowthComplexityFit with Growth Thinking
Build a companyThe Business Model CanvasHighLowYes
Build a companyThe Value Proposition CanvasHighLowYes
Build a companyLean Startup CanvasMidMidYes
Build a companyBlitzscaling CanvasMidMidYes
Build a companyBusiness Model Innovation FrameworkLowHighYes
Offering DesignDesign ThinkingMidLowYes
Offering DesignGoogle Design SprintsMidMidYes
Offering DesignLean StartupHighLowYes
Offering DesignDouble Diamond DesignLowMidYes
Offering DesignKano ModelLowMidYes
Managing projectsAgileHighMidYes
Managing projectsScrumMidMidYes
Managing projectsWaterfallMidMidYes
Managing projectsKanbanMidHighYes
Managing projectsPRINCE2LowHighYes
Accelerating growthPirate Funnel AARRRHighHighYes
Accelerating growthG.R.O.W.S.-processMidMidYes
Accelerating growthT-shaped Growth HackerLowMidYes
Accelerating growthOne Metric That MattersLowLowYes
Accelerating growthNorth Star MetricLowLowYes

Although business models may differ between different strategies the essence of design is at the center of all these methods.  They attempt to use a visual interface with systematic methods.   Even if business models change with them the design systems underpinning them are still consistent.  These design systems enable the revelation of business models by improving them, making them more relevant and within the context of changing business conditions. 

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Get a copy of growth thinking from as an
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Four Business Methodology types

Accelerating growth

These models are designed to speed up growth by simplifying and systematizing their growth process.

Accelerating growth
Building a company

Build a company

These models are business model-oriented methods designed to start a company. 


  • The Business Model Canvas
  • The Value Proposition Canvas
  • Lean Startup Canvas
  • Blitzscaling Canvas Business
  • Model Innovation Framework

Managing projects

These models help increase the success rate of product management and execution.


  • Agile
  • Scrum
  • Waterfall
  • Kanban
Managing projects
Product Design

Offering Design

These models help design and improve products and services 


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