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Let’s get started with the 10 day growth hacking challenge.   This challenge starts with the qualification points listed below.  Then once qualified, your challenge is activated by paying a nominal fee which allocates the sponsorship fees paid for the contender’s challenge.  Read terms and conditions here.

$1,000,000 Challenge
Total challenges taken 25%

The $1,000,000 mandate is a scholarship program with sponsors of the challenge to deliver every single challenge to contenders.  The goal is to deploy $1 million in scholarship challenges by 2022 across all industries, and with CEOs, and founders at all levels.

Results and growth

Our contenders perform and they grow.  The challenge is an opportunity for contenders to take this as a platform and scale their growth capabilities.  We focus on measuring the average results across all contenders post the challenge to measure impact and results.  Learn more about the terms and conditions 

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What is it?

What is the 10 day growth hacking challenge 

How it works

How the 10 day growth hacking chalenge works

Do you qualify?

In order to be qualified for the 10 day growth hacking challenge, you must satisfy the points below before preceding you may review terms and conditions here. If you answer “YES” to all conditions below you qualify for the challenge.

Do you qualify?

If you have answered “YES” to every one of the points above your qualify. Go to the next step below. 

10 Day Growth Hacking Challenge

The challenge is a sponsored activity by nomination only.  The challenge is worth $10,000 USD and based on the program and sponsorship program the following are the main three programs.  The enrollment program is not available yet to the public but will be soon.   


Open enrollment into the challenge
$ 4,999
One-time feee
  • 3 growth hacks
  • 10 days
  • 10x growth (target)
  • 5 episodes videos
  • 60-75 micro videos
  • Visibility to key decision-makers
  • Growth evaluation (150+ points)


By nomination only
$ 999
One-time fee
  • 3 growth hacks
  • 10 days
  • 10x growth (target)
  • 5 episodes videos
  • 60-75 micro videos
  • Visibility to key decision-makers
  • Growth evaluation (100+ points)

How does sponsorship work?

The 10 day growth hacking challenge works with a network of sponsors ranging from funds, startup accelerators, and government programs that support the challenge.  There are two formats, scholarship-based, and non-scholarship-based sponsorships. 


Non-scholarship based sponsorship 


  1. Full sponsorship
  2. Partnership 
  3. Premium partnership


Scholarship based sponsorship 


  1. Scholarship
  2. Full Scholarship


Each one of the formats is either partially or fully funded sponsorships.  Partial sponsorships are based on multiple sponsorship situations or only scholarship-based subsidies.  Fully funded sponsorships are based on three formats: just scholarships, partnerships that expand on visibility, and premium partnerships are strategic alliances with partners. 


A typical package will cover 80-100% of the total cost with co-opting in funding and direct enrolment fees from the contender to activate the sponsorship.  Scholarships are 100% covered, but other additional sponsorship activities can be applied in a co-opt funding scheme.


To read the terms and conditions 

What does this cost

The 10 day growth hacking challenge operates on a sponsorship system where contenders receive subsidies.  In order for these subsidies to be activated the contender must pay a nominal fee to activate the whole program and sponsorship of their challenge.  


The nominal fee will range based on the type of program the contender is going to be in.  There are three types of programs:


  1. Enrollment – open enrolment program which is not available right now
  2. Nomination – by nomination only for direct sponsorship 
  3. Sponsorship – a sponsor has nominated the contender directly.  


Before a contender is nominated or selected by a sponsor, they must qualify first before payment to activate the challenge.  


To read the terms and conditions 

What is this challenge all about

Everything you need to know about the 10 day growth hacking challenge.  From what it is, how it works, how you qualify and how to participate.

Hone in on the power of learning growth hacks others can't copy

Growth hacking analytics is an artificial intelligence-driven system designed dot help contenders in the 10 day growth hacking challenge pinpoint powerful growth hacks that have gotten results and be able to adapt, improve and accelerate them for your own growth