Honing into the power of AI-driven growth hacking

based on the 10 day growth hacking challenge, all contenders get unique access to an AI-driven growth hacking system where the best practices emerge from the most unexpected places.  When the best of the best emerges in an interactive learning environment the best talent in growth hacking emerges.  The best news, you don’t have to be an expert growth hacker to take full advantage of this.


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Growth measures for accelerated growth development
Growth booster hacks honing in on top performance hacks
Real-time and predictive contender growth rankings


Save over $150,000 in lifetime learning with an unparallel learning system coupled with an exclusive and vetted community of growth hacking experts.   From new cutting-edge strategies, no one else can access with clear and simple step-by-step execution insights.  Learn more about the terms and conditions 

Cutting Edge

Learn new exclusive and cutting edge growth hacks

Up to date

Keep up to date on new growth hacks no one else can see or use


Visibility on clear steps, results, and impact for you execute


Gain a competitive growth advantage no one else can copy


Track and measure your growth performance with accuracy

Save money

Save time & money save +$150,000 in lifetime training with less time invested


Artificial intelligence-driven system to accelerate growth hacking learning exclusively for 10-day growth hacking challenge contenders. This system uses a real-time and predictive learning system to help contenders hone in on their growth hacks and perfect them.  Learn more about the terms and conditions 

Ranking - Growth Analytics
Data card - Growth Analytics
Data layers - Growth Analytics
Realtime Growth Analytics - Growth Thinking - think, design, growth hack a design approaching to growth hacking

Dynamic rating

Artificial intelligence-driven rating system designed to be quick, accurate, and dynamic.  This helps the assessment process of contenders work in super-speed.


Learning more about the 10 day growth hacking challenge

Rating System - Growth Analytics
Secure and auto Sponsorship certification

Encrypted certification

Automated encrypted of sponsorship certificate issuance for contenders when completing the challenge including real time ranking and scoring ledger.


Learning more about the 10 day growth hacking challenge

Taking the mystery out of where and how to grow

Learn from the best contenders in the 10 days growth hacking challenge who break barriers of growth in their own industries and niches.  Pick up on their strategies, optimize them, and implement them within your own growth hacking strategies.

Discover unique accelerated growth hacks from places and growth hackers you would not think are possible but are easily implementable in your own business

Learn in real time from the top 10 day growth hacking challenges creating and optimizing some of the worlds top growth hacks that few people get the chance to see

Adapt, improve and innovate the best growth hacks that are relevant to your business in real time and keep updated with new developments from the best growth hackers

Gain an unparalleled growth advantage over anyone in your industry by adopting, optimizing and enchanting some of the top growth hacks being sed most people do not know about

How this works

A drill-down process designed to find the best growth hacks as an accelerated learning process for growth hackers to save time and money boosting return on investment.  Every contender has a unique superpower that no one else does and this is how this system works is to find that and help build on it.

01. Season - Growth Analytics

Season challengers

At the 10 day growth hacking challenge we recruit the best growth hackers at all levels of business and industry providing a wide spectrum of insights and growth hacks.  Let the best rise and in real-time for everyone within the system to learn by adopting, improving and accelerating from the best examples from real implementations. 


Learning more about the 10 day growth hacking challenge

Top contenders

Artificial intelligence-driven system designed to identify the best growth hacks from the top growth hackers based on real-life implementations and results including showing steps, implications, challenges, and even failure points to avoid when executing. Accelerate your growth by learning from the best who are normal everyday leaders just like you.

Learning more about the 10 day growth hacking challenge

02. Top Contenders Growth Analytics - Growth Thinking - think, design, growth hack a design approaching to growth hacking
03. Top Category - Growth Analytics

Growth categories

Systematic artificial intelligence-driven custom reports for contenders to see their performance, but at the same time to see who are the best performers and data from their growth hacks quickly.  This gives an accelerated learning environment to adapt, prove and accelerate growth hacks in real-time customizable to your own business growth.


Learning more about the 10 day growth hacking challenge

Top measures

An artificial intelligence-driven detailed breakdown of growth hacking elements to be used and developed.  This helps you hone in one of the best possible growth hacks to learn.  From steps, techniques, insights, implications, and results.  Adapt, improve and accelerate those growth hacks into context to your own growth.


Learning more about the 10 day growth hacking challenge

04. Top Measures - Growth Analytics
05. Learning Hack - Growth Analytics

Pinpoint learning

Artificial intelligence-driven learning system to bring out the best contenders and their growth hacks.  This helps you learn quickly by speeding the learning process by 25x, honing on what growth strategies work and developing them by 56x your strategy process, and taking action to optimize speeding up implementation by 36x. Hone, optimize, grow all in one place, and in real-time with daily updates.


Learning more about the 10 day growth hacking challenge


An unparalleled learning system exclusive to contenders only.  Learn from other contenders by zeroing in on the best growth hacks.  It’s real-time and the best part is lifetime access as a contender.  Every time a new growth hack breaks the barrier you got access to it.  Learn more about the terms and conditions 

Dynamic Learning system

Step by step

step by step instructions by seeing ow other contenders have implemented their growth hack including the challenges risk and opportunities that where discovered when testing


front row seat into seeing the actual results, how they worked, and even better why they did not work and the next steps in overcoming those initial results and the implications for growth

Lifetime access

contenders can use, current past and future contenders which gives them both benchmarks of growth hacks in the system but future growth barriers being bore in real-time


watch it all at your own comfort on demand and be able to hone in on exactly what you want to learn and see it as it happens giving contenders a unique window no one else has access to or growth


contenders can develop their own customized and unique playbook in a safe and well-structured learning environment on an ongoing basis and keep enriching their own playbook

start the challenge

Do you qualify for the 10 day growth hacking challenge?

Hone in and lock in the growth hacks no one else can copy

Learn the best growth hacks by adopting, optimizing, and accelerating honed in growth hacks that get results.  The best part is you will learn growth hacks very few people actually know or can even implement.  From honing into implementing accelerated growth.

Pinpoint Growth - Growth Analytics

Lock in

Understand your strengths and emerging strengths as a benchmark against other contenders for growth development as a starting point for growth hacking


Quickly and easily identify growth hacks executed by steps, techniques, measures, and results to adapt, improve and accelerate for your own growth hacking


Artificial intelligence-driven learning to identify who are the best growth hackers and how they have done it for your to adopt, improve and accelerate quickly and easily


Take your growth hacks to the next level and outperform the top growth hackers by locking in, focusing, learning and then optimizing your growth hacks

What is this challenge all about

Everything you need to know about the 10 day growth hacking challenge.  From what it is, how it works, how you qualify and how to participate.