28 eCommerce growth hacks to supercharge your growth

28 eCommerce growth hacks to supercharge your growth

eCommerce growth hacks have been happening from the first day of eCommerce. However, the tools and growth hacks have been becoming even sharper, faster, and more profitable. eCommerce growth sales will grow 13.7%, reaching $908.73 billion in 2021

eCommerce growth hacks have been happening from the first day of eCommerce. However, the tools and growth hacks have been becoming even sharper, faster, and more profitable. eCommerce growth sales will grow 13.7%, reaching $908.73 billion in 2021. Additionally, B2B eCommerce site sales will reach nearly $1.5 billion in 2021, a 12.2% increase from a year prior.

B2B Ecommerce Site Sales - Growth Thinking - think, design, growth hack a design approaching to growth hacking

Amazon’s influence in eCommerce is incredible. The eCommerce giant boasts nearly 40% of all US eCommerce sales. Its US eCommerce sales will grow by 15.3% this year, reaching more than $3.6 billion. With a 25% increase in eCommerce revenue year-over-year (YoY), Amazon dominating the online grocery market, its digital grocery footprint will continue to dominate in the eCommerce industry.

eCommerce Growth Hacking

12 areas eCommerce business growth

grow eCommerce growth hacks be broken down into 12 specific growth areas divided into four phases. Use the following guy to understand where did pass growth hack was. What’s the Mottley the best way to grow thank e-commerce is to look at all 12 areas into continuously optimize towards higher revenue.

Awareness for eCommerce growth hacks

  1. brand awareness = get attention
  2. generate traffic / web visitors = get them to click
  3. social media platforms / social networks = get attention + clicks

Qualification for eCommerce growth hacks

  1. email marketing = building relationships
  2. prospective customers / potential buyers = qualify customers
  3. checkout process = customers buying products or services

Conversion for eCommerce growth hacks

  1. conversion rates = measuring revenue success
  2. new customers/customer acquisition = customer secured
  3. customer retention = keeping the customer (lifetime value)

Retention for eCommerce growth hacks

  1. cross selling = selling more to the customer
  2. referral program = getting customers to sell more for you
  3. more customers / more buyers = generating more revenue

eCommerce growth hacks are based on these 12 steps in identifying a potential customer all the way to converting a customer to revenue and then turning that into additional revenue. The first step is having an online store and using digital marketing strategies to drive traffic.

Before we get started, some helpful background to growth hacking

  1. What is growth hacking?
  2. Why is growth hacking important?
  3. How does growth hacking work?
  4. When should growth hacking be used?
  5. How to develop the skills to hack growth?

What is growth hacking?

Growth hackers explore new growth opportunities systematically at any point of the customer journey, from awareness through the market to brand ambassadors by optimizing the product.

In terms of technology, it originated in 2010 when Sean Ellis coined it is mostly used by startups because of its limited budgets and limited resources.

Since then, it has shown an incredible increase in popularization among large-scale and traditional businesses.

Companies like Shopify like Uber has their own head of growth and dedicated growth team. The growth hacker is based on an experiment-based, data-driven.

What is Growth Hacking by Nader Sabry

There is a wide range of definitions; in the Book Ready Set Growth, Hack growth hacking is defined at a strategic level as a process that achieved disproportional results.

This is best understood through an example of efforts v.s results. This is when less effort is exerted to get dispositional results.

How does growth hacking work?

The Ready Set Growth Hack defines growth hacking as a systematic process governed by the growth cycle concept. the growth cycle is a three-phase process, where it starts with a growth problem, moves into experimentation then into scaling.

Based on this process, once a growth problem is well defined through a specific process, it would then be up to the growth hacker to find solutions. Solutions are found vis structured and systematic experimentations.

scientifically proven backed growth thinking system

Using growth analytics for data-driven growth decisions, growth hackers can quickly discover what works and doesn’t before investing a penny in more development. This is governed by a process called growth thinking which is a design methodology used for growth hacking.

Break the rules – growth hacking

The hidden weapons of growth hacking are simple and simple: Be a rule-breaker. The job requires you to think outside the box and unleash your creativity.

A growth hack involves having the right mindset on growth.

This job requires creativity and ad-hoc experiment with hypotheses and high potential. Be creative growth Hacks won’t come with any rules.

Rule-breaking is at the core of growth thinking and how the growth hacking process works.

  1. if a rule is working, find a better way to break I
  2. If a rule isn’t working, break it with a better one
  3. If a rule is about to fail, let it and then break it
  4. If a rule is about to have success, break that too

The growth hacking mindset or growth mindset is a very different way of working than that of other professions. Their goal is the north star metric which is basically a growth goal and only a growth goal.

Breaking eCommerce growth hacks down into their respective areas

We will be identifying all 12 potential e-commerce growth hacks here by dividing them into four general faces.

We will be looking at particular growth hacks and providing you with ideas that will enable you to take them and copy them or to take them and improve them.

The best approach is to use these ideas to improve by adjusting them to your context and then taking them to the next level.

Additionally, it would be very wise to continue testing it for ongoing improvements. Do not discount using these ideas to completely find or stimulate or even inspire a completely new idea but in the same area. Some of these are common growth hacks but can be applied in unique ways.

01. Awareness for eCommerce growth hacks

  1. brand awareness = get attention
  2. generate traffic / web visitors = get them to click
  3. social media platforms / social networks = get attention + clicks
01. Awareness eCommerce Growth Hacking - Growth Thinking - think, design, growth hack a design approaching to growth hacking

HACK 1: Speed matters for online business growth

Slow loading eCommerce websites can cause a 3% decrease in sales. Reducing the website’s load times increased revenues by 7-12% and increased page views by 25%. A slowing eCommerce site not only reduces your revenue but may also affect Google’s rank.

The first thing to think about is to ensure that your customer experience is key. Making that work is ensuring your speed is up to speed. Although there could be some technical challenges in ranking, which has not been confirmed officially by Google, it still can impact.

If your load time is slower than 95% of other Websites, this negatively impacts your page index for Google, thus dropping in rankings. It would be ideal for sticking to the fastest hosting provider you can find.

A hosting that offers unique caching software capable of hosting a different type of content with blazing speed and enabling your website to load within less than 2 seconds.

Here is a ranking by the research of the top hosting providers by speed. https://www.bitcatcha.com/research/fastest-web-hosting-services/

HACK 2: Use ads extensions to get targeted clicks – google ads/Facebook ads

Extensions are a cool way to expand your ads to both Google and Bing. This easy extension lets you add relevant information to your audience to increase click-through rates. Including directly from social media platforms.

Add extensions provide another low-cost yet high visibility opportunity for you to capture customers. The real growth hack behind this is providing different channels for customers to reach out to you for their inquiries.

For example, I am not the best type of extension to use if a customer is more comfortable calling vs. visiting your online store rather than going to your website.

When using advert extensions, you get an even stronger and interactive ad similar to this. There are various extras you can tack on your ads, such as see How my agency can drive huge amounts of traffic to your website book a call.

They add even more options of extension. These further have options for adding more extensions for extensions. This gives new customers many options for reaching you — eCommerce store (e commerce store isn’t always the best channel although you’re digital.

HACK 3: Target your best customers

The best way to know your target customer is is by looking at your existing customers to understand their profile to target more of them.

The other approach to developing customer target profiles is looking at similar competitors to target the same or similar customers.

Targeting your best customer is about being able to solve a problem that creates value for your customer. That starts by understanding who your customers are. Not all customers will respond in the same way to your offering


This is where A/B testing comes into play. AP testing essentially understands the majority response rate to something you want to see if your potential customers would actually take on.

Although A/B testing is a 101 growth hacking technique, he is one of your best starting points. Growth hacking beyond that can understand response rates based on behavioral profiles.

Overall, this can be more complicated in the required data and the quantity of data needed to make highly qualified decisions. Behavioral response is the future of growth hacking e-commerce.

Finally, unique selling points are essential, and get this upfront, quick, easy, and attractively to potential and returning customers. Do not underestimate how you will need to revise and position your offerings on social media platforms.

HACK 4: Show visitors the TRUE discount value (Or offer a price match guarantee)

How can you tell whether you are getting a great deal? One simple But effective approach is to show what visitors paid before applying or automatically granting a discount. If you don’t offer discounts, have you considered offering a price guarantee?

This is essentially about identifying potential objections a customer would have to acquire your product or service.

By identifying what does objections maybe you can counter them in advance. For example, if your product or service is viewed as high risk giving a guaranteed warranty or a money-back guarantee to remedy this problem.

Another growth hack for a high-risk proposition could be offering free entry without any risk for them to get started.

Additionally, you can provide value add services that would have a high value at the very beginning for free. However, they are playing on low prices to start with to give them a full sense of what the offering would be, removing the high-risk perception.

Another method to present discounted value is to offer FREE delivery to a specific quantity of orders. Avoid damaging their brand image too badly in reliance on ‘price-driven customers and a loss of margin of sale.

Although many types of online store pricing can help drive sales, increase customer acquisition, and boost conversions, a business can easily become too dependent on sales.

There are many alternatives to dealing with this; the secret is my understanding of what injections your potential customers have at the counter immediately to turn them into paying customers.

HACK 5: Turn influencers into your money-making affiliates.

For eCommerce sites that maintain a blog, a successful way to acquire visibility for your brand is through a round-up post. These tactics can basically be a win-win situation for both the individual to whom you promoted or to their affiliates in return for the purchase.

You present them to your audience as industry thinkers, but they gain additional income every time you offer their products in affiliate programs.

When considering eCommerce content marketing, there are multiple ways to increase sales.

One of the big growth hacks behind influencer marketing is working with micro influencers. Micro-influencers have smaller followership than the mega influencer you’d be ideally drawn towards. The biggest difference is the level of potency an influencer has.

This is based on their ability to have s high engagement rate.

It has been proven that smaller or micro influencers have a higher engagement rate than that larger influencers. It is also advantageous that a micro influencer would take less pay for their placements and efforts.

Find your influencers

Influencer marketing has gotten big on fashion and clothing, but this doesn’t mean online businesses can’t leverage influencers. McKinsey proves that linking up with influencers socially to drive brand awareness has yielded 27% growth over the past year. You need to explore influencers across all social media platforms.

The influencer is likely to be much more trusted than the company page in any social media account. Choose the kind of influencer you want with a professional relationship and find a way to share your own value?

Leverage the power of social influence

Social impact plays a vital role in your e-commerce marketing strategies. Nearly 95% of online shoppers read reviews when making a purchase. Promoting reviews can increase conversions by 270%.

How can social influence have a positive impact on your brand and your community? Especially on social media platforms.

To get the best service online, check social proof. Share our pictures and videos with our followers through Facebook and Twitter.

Develop referral programs that influencers can use to bring your customers in and compensate them for their efforts.

Influencer marketing agencies

Finding expertise in this area is much is your then it has ever been. Finding a digital talent agency can be a very wise step in your strategy. These agencies have already vetted found and priced influencers.

One of the best reasons to work with an influencer marketing agency is to identify in qualifying the right people.

It is also important to note that you will need to carefully negotiate the price as the agency usually makes large markups.

using user-generated content

Creating user-generated content can be an important part of providing your influencers with triggered content to draw on to speak the same language as your customer to their audience. Hence, why alignment of your customer and their audience is vital. Using user generated content for content upgrades can be an excellent way of long-term growth hacks for content development; this is especially important for a new business. This can play a role in targeting other customers.

HACK 6: Invite for free website tour

Some internet users believe that online purchases create a high risk for themselves to purchase. Embed behind-the-scenes photographs showing complete production and packaging processes of the product. You give customers an idea and build their trusty online store.

Providing a free website tour is a great way to get potential customers oriented with the product you’re about to offer them this is a low-risk yet high-impact approach. An ineffective onboarding system usually comes in after the acquisition of a customer. Still, you can use this to pre-on board customers by giving them a free website to order.

Deliver this via several different marketing channels to get as many potential customers into your pipeline. With time the right or most effective marketing channel will become visible, and this is when to optimize that marketing channel. Don’t overlook social media channels, either.

HACK 7: Off-Page Ecommerce Growth Hacking Strategies

Off-Page strategies are the kind of strategies that you could apply outside of the digital property of your website. The consumer’s journey doesn’t stop or start on your site. This is using such growth hacks as:

  1. getting backlinks from other high authority websites
  2. engaging in online communities with your profiling promoting your business
  3. getting noticed on video engagements regarding your business
  4. getting mentioned in social posts or placement on social posts.
  5. developing other websites that help build an ecosystem around your business
  6. getting reviews and other forms o thrid party mentions

Optimize your social media efforts as well to tape into major social media traffic.

HACK 8: On-page optimizations like reduce input fields.

Request only necessary information and try to put all the inputs into a single page. A different tactic is showing the checkout steps beforehand to make the whole process easier for a customer.

Reducing input at all stages can help boost your success. This can be done easily, but requesting more information incentivizes enriching the customer’s data. This is a low friction entry point with a high impact output.

This will result in more sales with higher conversion rates which pushes eCommerce brands forward. eCommerce brands need to keep simple, and input to asks from the customer is a big part of making a better customer experience leading to more sales.

Boost your sales by decreasing checkout time if less data is entered. This reduction in the amount and complexity of the work will likely help buyers make the most efficient and successful investments for the buyer.

Share your shopping experiences with us at CNN [link] and others/Designing.com to produce the greatest checkout pages for you to complete. Please send me your information as it may be useful to you.

This includes product pages as well, not just pop-ups or other light forms of inputs. This needs to be applied across the online business as an experience boosting online sales.

HACK 9: Set up Retargeting Ads

Retargeting ads can capture the visitors that never purchased before you’ve left your website. The Hack works by tracking what users visit your website and displaying ads about your products on the other site they visit.

These advertisements are compelling because they highlight items that the buyer is searching for. Seeing exactly what they wanted, buyers feel the pressure to return to your store and make their purchases. Start using retargeting.

Ads on my site. Store sign up using a tool that AdRoll or Criteo offers. This tool allows you to launch retarget. Ads and tracking their results. This plays an important role going beyond this in other hacks like

  1. Creating like-audiences where you target similar people like those wh you are retargeting
  2. collecting your own customer data and putting them into your retargeting campaigns
  3. and doing both the first and second hack together
  4. position products and services of interest already defined into your retargeting efforts
  5. develop specific offerings made for retargeting only

This is also very important in key social media channels to tap into social media traffic. Use content upgrade within your retargeting efforts as a lead magnet to help stimulate more traffic and conversion from social channels. With new upgrades in Facebook messenger, you can utilize other ChatBots driving more online sales.

The best place to have a ChatBot is on the online store’s homepage; if you have a blog post, use Chatbots in those blog posts as well. Suppose you own other sites embedded in your same Chatbot there to bring in traffic from other sources. A Chatbot today should not be a nice one to have but one of your top tools.

Do not forget product pages but alter your tone with the pages themselves to be relevant to the experience.

02. Qualification for eCommerce growth hacks

  1. email marketing = building relationships
  2. prospective customers / potential buyers = qualify customers
  3. checkout process = customers buying products or services
02. Qualification eCommerce Growth Hacking - Growth Thinking - think, design, growth hack a design approaching to growth hacking

HACK 10: Streamline the checkout process

68% of a worldwide shopping cart is abandoned. This represents annual sales of over $2.4 trillion annually. Improving the checkout process can help you manage cart abandonment to gain sales for your store without making significant changes or running costly promotions to acquire new business.

to tackle e-commerce cart abandonment issues, here at 7 hacks to consider (few tips):

  1. Progress Indicator – let your customer know where they are in the process
  2. Make the shopping experience linear– keep things simple and minimal
  3. Product images.- use attractive yet realistic photos
  4. Pay attention to the email copy – get your messaging right and test it out
  5. Add the temptation – making this more attractive create value
  6. Run a series of emails – capture them by email and nurture them
  7. Add social proof – show how others have benefited and how

You can correct other indirect causes of friction that can reduce or eliminate: the checkout process is a constant problem encountered by e-commerce stores. Improving your checkout process helps increase profits without the need for significant changes in your business. For example. Get further information about the program:

HACK 11: Feed your funnel with content upgrade offers

Free reports or downloadable books are the best tools in your arsenal (better known as lead magnets)as it focuses on generating a lead and moving customers through your sales funnel. Depending on your audience, this offer might not apply to certain segments.

Lead magnets are essentially an exchange of value. The way a lead magnet works is you after something for free, and in return, a potential customer will give you their contact information, including their email address which is the key data.

From that point forward is all about list-building activities. If you get a potential customer to subscribe, you will segment them into behavioral profiles or demographic profiles. This in Ables you for better targeting to proposition them with better and more tailored messages towards their requirements.

HACK 12: Show Trust Badges or social proof for credibility

A simple way to build and keep such trust can be to use a badge on the bottom of your website, for e. Showing software logos to help ensure your website is secured makes buyers feel comfortable sending their payment details and other secure information whenever purchasing.

Play with different placements of trust badges such as You need to use an A/B testing tool such as Taplytics to determine which trust badge placement in your brand increases sales the highest.

You can also test your sales using an online merchant’s trust rating system to see if you want to increase your sales using the badge to enhance your online sales profile by displaying the trust.

Some of the trust badges to work with would be using tools like Trustpilot or other third-party reviews. Using testimonials (highlight testimonials) from very well-known customers very early on in your website. Using high-level accolades like a famous award or standard and recognition in your industry, you receive an ISO 9000 certificate.

If you had recognition by major media outlets like forms for entrepreneur magazine using the was there would be very useful. Social proof leads to eCommerce growth creates more trust, especially with new customers.

HACK 13: Launch Seasonal Campaigns

Black Friday and Christmas are e-commerce goldmines. It is possible to get seasonal shoppers to your store. You could have customers delighted by adding holiday-themed packaging or a new line of holiday-themed goods.

Don’t miss a single season; they’re the big ones that are all known and much smaller ones that many other people also celebrate. In fact, it would probably be an interesting group that had to come up with your own season.

Some of the most common ones using e-commerce are things like Black Friday, where in the middle east region what is referred to as white Friday. Many customers flock to their favorite online store seeking seasons deals. Be ready and anticipate that traffic and tap into it.

Always keep product pages up to date with seasonable campaigns, which is a big driver behind eCommerce growth.

HACK 14: Partner with other brands to do “Giveaway loops” (viral loops)

Participants in loop giveaway campaigns are sure to expand our brand’s community. If you run one loop giveaway, you get to see who won and how to promote your brand to anyone who participated. Because loop giveaways require participants to take several steps, your prize will likely be substantial.

If you can generate a decent amount of participation, the more firms you worked with, the better off you will be. You want to partner with at least five companies, but creating a successful loop giveaway with 20 or more companies is possible.

Better known as the viral-loop growth hack. This is essentially using other people’s resources and effort to push your campaign forward.

They would do it because they align with your values; you have certain incentives or a specific emotional trigger that gets people to enter your viral loop. There are three types of vital loops:

  1. A single viral loop – this essentially is one referral layer that takes place in the viral loop.
  2. A double viral loop – this is when you’re able to transition from your 1st to 2nd generation of referrals within the viral make
  3. a triple viral loop – this is when you’re able to transition all the way from the first second and all the way to the third generation of the viral loop this is often rare as most viral loop campaigns don’t go beyond its first generation.

HACK 15: Keep a Wish List and keep interested.

You don’t want to make a purchase immediately; no problem adding to your Wish List. This enables the customer to come back to remember what they want to protest and share it with others to let them know exactly what they would like someone to give them.

This keeps customers sticky if you’re able to capture their information. I can email see you can add them to the list and then re-market to them not just the existing product it like but other related products they may not have thought about they’re related to what they’ve added to the Wish List.

Using behavioral data in a Wish List not also allows you to re-market to existing customers but potentially profile similar customers to address products they may be interested in that I haven’t thought about. An eCommerce business without a wishlist won’t be a great place to shop.

03. Conversion for eCommerce growth hacks

  1. conversion rates = measuring revenue success
  2. new customers/customer acquisition = customer secured
  3. customer retention = keeping the customer (lifetime value)
03. Conversion eCommerce Growth Hacking - Growth Thinking - think, design, growth hack a design approaching to growth hacking

HACK 16: Offer content upgrades

Content updating is an added resource such as an e-book contained within an article. You present the resource to the user in exchange for a personal e-mail address.

These personal details can be added onto a sales funnel for subscribers so you can nurture your visitors so they can develop into long-term partners.

Creating additional value at the conversion step is very crucial. The type of value you should be focused on is what are some of the last taps in the sense of objections or part of the problem you’re trying to help them solve.

By providing high-value upgrades for either a very low price or free at this stage can make your proposition very attractive.

Offer them additional value with free content, and you offer them value. You give them additional material in addition that nurtures relationships with consumers.

Give readers a free email address before converting them to customers. Give free e-books, e-mailed emails, and other free material.

HACK 17: Create buyer FOMO (fear of missing out) with live customer metrics

Some brands utilize technology to show how many people viewed the same product/deals when other web visitors are online.

The use of limited offers or graphic count-downs has been proven to increase sales by selling quickly to more customers.

A great way to use social proof to public proof a website is to make your site look like a part of a vibrant community. If you’re in your customer’s seats, they’re probably in an ideal position to promote purchases.

Several grow thanks create urgency, like using a countdown, some form of a counter, anything that makes the customer feel like they’re missing out on some big benefit. Some of the traits of these types of growth hacks are (few tips):

  1. Time-bound
  2. Quantitative in nature
  3. connected to a benefit
  4. doesn’t repeat
  5. It seems like a one time offer
  6. direct and clear call to action

It is also recommended that you install a FOMO plugin that will prompt visitors to make a purchase during the checkout process or provide you with a time-limited promo code to make that sale happen.

HACK 18: Offer different payment options.

How can we purchase a product with a credit card on-site, but that’ll not be available to us? Facilitating this user with various payment options, including payment in cash, Paypal, and wire transfer. Customers will love you for this and will not hesitate to use their credit cards on your website.

Some advance growth tax in that space would be creating things like payment installments. Installments are great for products that are of a higher price range. This takes out the friction of sticker shock.

HACK 19: Offer live chat functionality to increase visitor trust

Smart Insight reveals the number of converts that live chat visitors make was nearly 8x greater than non-chat visitors in comparison. 39% of visitors to an online chat site would return when it includes chat and e-reader. 38% of respondents completed a purchase as a result of customer satisfaction through a live chat system.

Live chat software doesn’t need to be exclusive Live Chat products; you could easily integrate one such app like Messenger or Mustad Saddleworld in a mobile chat. There are many messaging pots available today that can be used for e-commerce purposes.

Through the power of automating live chat, you will capture new leads and service them on the spot.

HACK 20: Use exit-intent pop-ups for an eCommerce business.

Exit-intention popups catch web users who try to leave your site without buying. The purpose is to change their mind by offering a discount on your products or at least collect their e-mail address so you can try promoting yours. Here are some tips for creating some exit-intent popups.

Pop-ups can be used in several different ways today; we have several formats that enable us to capture potential customers in many ways. The exit-in intent pop-ups are designed to offer a call to action to keep a customer still sticky on the sign.

One of the hacks that have been used in work very well is providing a direct incentive to purchase a 10 or 25% discount they can be used instantly.

HACK 21: Include a section of recommended products

To attract potential clients, you must help your customers explore the full product selection available to your website visitors.

Do incorporate a section called “Recommended products” or a drop-down menu for a number of your customers. It is unnecessary to buy this product, but there is an opportunity for similar buying power.

Using behavioral data from other places to link up similar potential customers may be useful for getting more accurate recommendations on an online store.

Remember that recommendations are necessarily about what the customer wants but enticing them towards something they may not want to purchase may have a high level of interest in purchasing.

04. Retention for eCommerce growth hacks

  1. cross selling = selling more to the customer
  2. referral program = getting customers to sell more for you
  3. more customers / more buyers = generating more revenue
04. Retention eCommerce Growth Hacking - Growth Thinking - think, design, growth hack a design approaching to growth hacking

HACK 22: Build LTV (customer lifetime value) with killer customer service

A 5% boosted retention level can boost the profit by up to 95%. Existing customers are 50% more likely to try new products.

They spend 31% more per transaction than new customers. Use the live chat to communicate during the buying process and be present when customers need support.

With chatbot technology like ManyChat.com, you can only make customer service to pinpoint the problems at the beginning of the process.

Do you not discount live or high-quality customer service channels or technologies don’t want to enable true personal customer service on online store.

Once the sale is concluded, send customized emails and follow the customer to keep the sale active. Create stronger connections with customers through the creation of amazing customer service programs.

Don’t wait to be hurt, and don’t stop your customers from interacting until you complete your sale. Make an effort. Use our live chats to help people communicate with customers.

HACK 23: Create and promote your referral program for eCommerce business

83% of consumers are willing to refer friends and family to know about the brand. The number of referrals was down to 29%. The rate of referrals is still the lowest of those. Non-cash incentives are 25% more effective at enhancing performance than cash incentives.

Do you not underestimate the power of providing incentives. Incentives don’t always have to be financial invite some of the non-financial incentives can be a lot more powerful than financial ones.

Research your audience to determine what promotions are most desired, then incorporate referral promotions into your customer communications, social promotions, and other customer touchpoints. Dropbox is among the best rewards to earn referrals.

It’s said to have netted the brand 4 million users in roughly a year. Referrals resulted in a permanent 60% increase in signups on online stores.

HACK 24: Set up a referral program as part of your digital marketing

A more recent, although still effective, growth hack is creating a referral system. The benefits of launching a reward program for customers to recommend new businesses are more than twofold.

The easiest way to start this is to create an account at a referral program software such as Extole or Forewards.

All the tools will walk you through how to build a customized referral program without the need for developer knowledge.

Going be on this, you need to consider in incentres. You have three types of incentives. First, our financial incentives are second or non-financial, and third is a mix of financial and non-financial incentives.

  1. financial incentives – direct rewards for actions taken that result in revenue
  2. non-financial incentives – indirect benefits that would tap into status,s emotions, or something that gets people to take action
  3. a mix of both – this would be a hybrid approach to use both financial and non-financial incentives together

There has been a proven track record of the use of incentive programs in referral formats. eCommerce growth hacks cannot be without a referral program.

HACK 25: Cross-sell and Upsell in your online store eCommerce growth hacks

Ready-to-buy buyers have already bought your brand. Showing excited customers how they can increase the value of their order will force them to make an expensive purchase. Don’t feel fear of guiding buyer orders.

Some ideas for cross selling and ups selling are:

  1. upgrades
  2. updates
  3. bundles
  4. product add-ons
  5. service add-ons
  6. more support
  7. get help getting started
  8. let us make it easier
  9. other versions
  10. credits towards other purchases
  11. last but not least creating urgency

Upselling can increase customer value when offered more as a gift – it gives more value if you want to improve your selling technique with cross-selling and upsell; click here. A successful eCommerce business can upsell and cross sell equally as well.

HACK 26: Push hard with social proof

Going beyond the early stages of growth hacking e-commerce, you also need to use social proof to drive more customers after a really acquired and daughter relationship with existing customers. Encouraging customers beyond their first experience with your brand is important to drive long-term relationships and long-term revenue.

People pay their bills online, and they keep their wallets shut unless it’s legitimate. Not every customer will create referrals; you will need to add social proof into the funnel.

Social proof comes in many different forms that are easily installed on a business-wide site, product page, and website.

Social channels can be applied to websites to attract visitors via an online marketing campaign or social media interaction. Like reviews provide strong social proof.

There are also opportunities to share with others and to give their success. This will improve your brand image within the eyes of potential customers.

There are many growth hacking tactics in this space, and very important to exploit. This would be an important part of your marketing strategy, keeping customers engaged.

HACK 27: Get your product reviews published.

The simplest way to grow revenue is by requesting reviews about your products. Please keep those reviews honest and authentic.

Fake Product Reviewing Will Be Negative For Your Stores. Get them to review your product or services. Remember, this helps to improve website conversion rates. Do this regularly. Your products must be examined periodically.

A credible eCommerce store has customers who will speak the truth about their experience. Having good reviews is equally important as having some challenging ones too. This gives you a balanced perspective in the eyes of customers. With such a balance, eCommerce stores can thrive in the short and long term.

HACK 28: Reward customers through points and discounts

Customers always love receiving rewards for purchasing their favorite product. If the customer chooses points to keep their loyal to eCommerce websites, you will definitely encourage this strategy at its core. Customers often take it as if they were going shopping and want to be recognized for spending the money to buy something.

Creating a progressive and tired point program where customers can earn points over a period of time with actions taken can help gamify the process. This helps with retaining customers but also keeping them active over the value of the customer lifetime.

As mentioned earlier, anything where a customer is rewarded via incentives, whether financial or non-financial, is very important.

DO not overlook the idea of content upgrades delivering important news, sharing a blog post with current customers, and returning customers equally.

Most customers who have basic internet want to be kept up to date but reasonably and balanced.

Ensure you capture their contact details by enriching their data with time; email is most valuable. Identify other customers who you can also target with your reward and points.

Setting up email marketing campaigns and sequences around points and rewards is a great way to keep them top of mind meanwhile keeping customers internet through their points and rewards. Online businesses always need to keep top of mind.

Top of mind also leads to high customer retention, and deploying a growth hack to sustain rendition using top of mind can be a vital yet low-hanging fruit ad that can create urgency for many eCommerce businesses.

How does growth hacking work in eCommerce?

The development of growth hacks has helped SaaS companies like Hubspot, Airbnb and Dropbox thrive. Similar activities were undertaken by other E-commerce brands Dollar Shave Club Casper and Gymshark.

As a result of deploying growth hacking methods, the growth hacking strategy is successfully implemented amongst eCommerce companies. Some strategies use referral programs, email list-building tools, and how to use content marketing campaigns to their maximum potential.

These techniques include referral program e-mail list building and content marketing campaigns. For more information regarding growth, hacking visit the website growth [linked] and growth hacking.

How do I become a growth hacker?

In business terms, growth hackers often have misconceptions. All growth hackers know the basic knowledge of processes models and mindsets.

This entails learning techniques to become an effective business model, become good at analyzing data, and become productive.

This blog will give you a list of 10 important growth hacking skills I need to understand in 2021. These four online courses teach how growth marketing works and how to use the Pirate Funnel to increase your revenue quickly in the long term.

Those courses have money, and they make their money by promising you ‘viral’ if you use them or recommending you use somewhat illegal’ tactics.

Four types of growth hacks

These four areas can be seen as a guide to answering the question “where to find a growth hack.” This guiding question sets the tone and process for finding, executing, and creating new growth hacks.

Four types of growth hacks

The optimization point is the target for deciding which of the four growth hacks best suits a situation. Through our research, we have found the optimization point is best measured by

  1. Speed of execution – how fast and effective you can action your growth hack.
  2. Level of flexibility to adjust – how fast and accurately you can change 
  3. Cost of execution – how to keep execution cost-effective 
  4. Return on investment – how to lower cost, efforts, and time against the results 

In optimizing growth hacking, we look at the four types of growth hacks. There are four types of growth hacks they seek to exploit:

  1. Find a limitation – an area not being solved well enough. 
  2. Find a gap – an area not being solved at all.
  3. Find a hole – and area where its completely dysfunctional 
  4. Find a combo – an area where a combination has not been exploited. 
Types of Growth Hacks, Gaps being the most used growth hacks

The most exploited type of growth hack is gaps, while combinations are the least executed. Although gaps might rise to the tide on this, that’s because they are the easiest to identify and execute. In complete contrast, the combinations are the least exploited due to complexity, lack of vision, and a willingness to try new things.  

Business methodologies

Growth acceleration is one of the four types of methodologies used in the practice of management. The growth accelerator space is the most underdeveloped of the four types that being:

  • Offering design models to design products and services
  • Managing projects models design to manage development
  • Building a company models design for building a company
  • Accelerating Growth models designed to accelerate the growth process

To learn more about business methodologies and how they work, click here to learn more.

How does the growth hacking process work? – mastering the process for exponential growth.

Growth hacking is a cyclical process. This process is divided into three phases the group problem growth experimentations ingrowth extensions. The company nation of these three phases is or how growth hacking actually works.

The final result of growth hacking which is always important to keep in mind, is exponential growth. The entire process of growth hacking is based on these three faces.

Exponential growth is about gaining non-incremental growth capabilities. The secret behind it the home is working incrementally to start with, and then building momentum through a compound in the process will master the growth hacking cycle.

This whole cycle needs to be undertaken from an ethical hacking perspective.

Growth hacking cycle

The growth problem – growth process

Before being able to hack growth, you must understand what your growth problem actually is. This is critical because it’s important to be specific and focused. Usually, there is a large growth problem at play.

However, you won’t solve the larger growth problem itself without breaking it down and tackling smaller parts. Saas companies and e commerce stores are well known for managing this very well.

Consider this phase kind of like the concept of garbage in garbage out. If the guiding inputs are unclear or well defined or there is any distortion, then the remaining process will not work very well.

In fact, 85% of gross hacks fail because the growth problem at South has not been well defined enough.

Having clarity around your growth problem helps you solve over half of the growth hacking process. Knowing your growth problem in detail enables you to explore more growth hacking experiments better to take you to the next level.


Introduction to growth thinking growth by design, how to thinking design, and growth hack.

GROWTH BY DESIGN – Most Growth Hackers struggle to get traction for new ideas. A lack of guidance and exact next steps are to blame.

 Imagine if you could grow a new idea from beginning to end, with a framework to move from idea and action in a fast, simple, and low-cost approach.

Actioning ideas with precision isn’t easy; with the growth thinking, science-backed design system built by the top minds in growth hacking, it’s a simple, well-structured yet creative system that allows you to find growth. 

Growth thinking is a fast, easy, and simple way to prototype growth hacks. This enables growth by visualizing a growth hack in abstract and then detailing them into a systematic approach. 

This makes it easy to develop and improve growth hacks and generate new, better growth hacks. 

Benefits of the growth thinking design methodology — 

  1. From idea to action – accurately and rapidly turn growth hacking ideas into execution quickly and cost-effectively, 
  2. Think at scale – quickly and effortlessly find methods to take an abstract growth hack, structure it, scale it, and
  3. Save time and money – rapidly prototype your growth hacking ideas saving time and money. 

This methodology uses a design system that Visualization, Systemize, Optimization, helps Rapid development, and instills Collaboration. 

How to get started with growth thinking 

The methodology and system are based on the book itself. Your starting point is to buy the book, but here is the best part if you buy the book, you’re supported with over $300 in free training support from the quick start to basic skill-building, and the top 10 secrets advance your growth thinking skills. 

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Let’s get started!