Terms and COnditions


These are the terms and conditions for the 10 day growth hacking challenge.  This applies to all contenders who accept participation after being nominated to the program.

What are the rules, and terms, and conditions?


There are three main parts involved. The nominee, the contender, the challenge. The nominee (Nominee) is someone who has been nominated (as explained below), but has not yet qualified. If a nominee qualifies, he or she becomes a contender (the Contender), once they agree to the rules and terms conditions. The challenge is the 10-day growth hacking challenge, which is 3 growth hacker techniques all undertaken within 10 consecutive days.


1. The nominee must be nominated for the challenge, and nominations can only be completed by:


  1. an existing Contender;
  2. a past Contender;
  3. the founder of the challenge (the Founder); or
  4. someone nominated by the Founder to nominate a nominee.


2. Each challenge is worth USD $10,000, and the cost is waived if the nominee qualifies for the challenge and all of the requirements set out in paragraph 3 below are met. The Qualifications required by the nominee are as follows:


  1. Must have an operating business for 12 months minimum;
  2. That business must be operated full-time by the owners;
  3. Must have a business license regardless of jurisdiction;
  4. Must not be fundraising, launching, or have an unfinished product/service
  5. Must be the Founder / Owner taking the challenge
  6. Must have a growth challenge and want to overcome it;
  7. Must have an open mind, flexible, and willing to learn;
  8. Must have the time, resources, and efforts to take action; and
  9. Ready to grow without any distractions for 10 days.


3. USD $10,000 cost will be waived if one of the following requirements are met:


  1. third-party sponsors in the whole or material part of the fee;
  2. direct contribution by a named or unnamed person(s) or entity on a goodwill basis; or
  3. if agreed to in writing by the Founder in the whole or material part of the fee.


4. The challenge begins once a Contender accepts the challenge and commits to the process. This is when the Contender sign-up and completes scheduling requirements. Once accepted, the Contender agrees to:


  1. consent to record all sessions;
  2. consent to use and promote recorded and non-recorded content;
  3. consent to mention Contender’s participation and results;
  4. consent to share information with sponsors and other third parties; and
  5. responsibility of confidential information will be based on the Contender’s disclosures.


5. The USD $10,000 cost shall not be waived if a Contender is disqualified during the challenge in any of the following circumstances:


  1. exceeds the 10 consecutive day +/- 20% leeway; or
  2. misinformation or misrepresentation of facts provided by the Nominee/Contender; or
  3. the process is manipulated for the interests of the Contender that do not fit the challenge rules or program (as determined by the Founder in his sole discretion); or
  4. if the Contender decides to drop out of the challenge once committed (for the avoidance of doubt, the Contender will be responsible for the full cost of the challenge if they drop out).


6. The challenge must be completed within 10 consecutive days with a +/- 20% leeway based on:


  1. weekends or scheduling challenges;
  2. a Contender is facing a health challenge or the likes of; or
  3. overlapping scheduling issues where an adjustment is required (agreed to by all parties involved).


7. The Contender acknowledges that all information, documents, and content (whether written or oral) from the program and copies thereof remain the property of the Founder. In addition, the Contender agrees that he/she does not acquire any intellectual property rights or other rights in all or any part of the program, documents, or its contents under any circumstances, whether the program is completed or not completed. All intellectual property rights in the program, documents, and contents shall vest with the Founder who shall be entitled to its exclusive use.


8. If any part of these terms and conditions is found by any court to be invalid or unenforceable, the legality, validity or enforceability of the remainder of these terms and conditions (including the remainder of the relevant provision that was affected) shall not be affected.


9. The benefit of these terms and conditions may be assigned, novated or transferred by the Founder without the Contender’s consent, whereas the Contender may not assign, novate or transfer any part thereof without the Founder’s prior written consent.


10. These terms and conditions and any non-contractual obligations arising out of or in relation to it are governed exclusively by the laws of the Emirate of Dubai.


11. Evaluation and scoring are based on multiple parties’ feedback, including third-party judges, the founder, the founding team, and other experts.  This is an impartial evaluation to provide contenders feedback on their performance compared to others in the challenge.  This information can be used for promotional, technical, and research, and development commercial purposes.  No confidential information disclosed during the challenge and labeled as confidential by the contender will be used or disclosed in the feedback or scoring process.