Growth hacking the plus size Swimwear market with the Kai boutique [kick-off S1 – E6]

Growth hacking the plus size Swimwear market with the Kai boutique [kick-off S1 – E6]

Growth hacking the plus size Swimwear market with the Kai boutique [kick-off S1 – E6] - This is the 10-day growth hacking challenge, 3 growth hacks in 10 days t 10x the growth of your business

Growth hacking the plus size Swimwear market with the Kai boutique [kick-off S1 – E6]

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#GrowthHacking#GrowthHack#Growthhacker#Challenge#Competition​ By Growth Thinking Book The 10 day growth hacking challenge 10 days 3 growth hacks 10x results In 10 days, this challenge will turn your ideas into action in a snap to grow your business. Growth thinking is a new design methodology used by the top growth hackers, and now it’s here for everyone to use. Based on the bestselling book Growth Thinking, a design approach to growth hacking, you will quickly transform your growth from a flat-line to a swinging curve. Learn this methodology to quickly, easily, and at a low-cost fuel your growth. The best part no expertise in growth hacking is required. Get nominated today by reaching out to a challenger who has taken the challenge to nominate you as a contender.


Introduction The 10-day growth hacking challenge is designed to accelerate entrepreneurs’ growth from an idea to action in a snap. The challenge uses the growth thinking design methodology based on the book “Growth Thinking, think, design, growth hack, a design approach to growth hacking.” This challenge is destined to help those aspiring to grow exponentially use growth hacking as the means of growth. This is based on a science-based design tool used by some of the world’s top growth hackers.

The challenge gets the contenders focused on a growth problem they are actively tackling. Once that has been identified, the contender develops 3-growth hacks in 10 days. The guided approach challenges the contender to get out of their comfort zone using the best growth hacking strategies and tools. Using the growth thinking design to growth hack, the contenders use the creative yet structured approach to design, implement and test their growth hacks. This enables them to develop the core skills required to get their growth on track.



1. How does the challenge work?

In 10 days, you will develop 3 growth hacks to accelerate your growth. Those growth hacks can be in few formats. A single growth goal, with a single growth hack, improved until optimized. A single growth goal, with a multiple growth hack, improved until optimized. Multiple growth goals, with a single growth hack, improved until optimized. Multiple growth goals, with a multiple growth hack, improved until optimized. There is no wrong or right but rather what works best for you. The secret behind this is about getting your growth goal well defined. This is basically what is your number one growth problem. Once you know this, everything gets smoother and more refined with time.

2. Who is this challenge for?

The 10 day growth hacking challenge is for entrepreneurs and small-medium size business owners. This challenge is for one person, and it should be the key decision-maker of the business, like the CEO or founder only. If you’re in one of the following situations, you qualify. New startups (6-months old and more) Already operating businesses The key decision-maker Have a growth challenge This is not for people who are planning or about to start a business. This is not about how to or what sort of business I should begin to; we focus on already established companies, even if they are startups who have been operating for a very little amount of time, but they have to be operating.

3. How do I get nominated?

If a contender has not nominated you, reach out to a current or previous contender to nominate you. Please describe your passion, mission, vision, and growth problem to the contender who will recommend you. Contenders will only back those they feel or see fit and can benefit from this challenge.

4. What are the benefits?

Only 1% of companies ever achieve exponential growth. This is a unique opportunity to access rare resources and a methodology used by the top girth hackers globally who have helped unicorn startups and fortune 500 companies grow. Skill-building to develop your growth hacking talent Inspiration to get you moving and taking action Expert guides insights by bestselling author Nader Sabry A launchpad to continue growing as a capability Access to unique resources only the best growth hackers use Usually, this kind of training and expert-guided consulting during the process would be more than USD $10,000. They get this all for free with access to the author to further support skill development and enhance growth hacking practices for challengers and nominees.

Learn how to grow hack using the growth thinking methodology.

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Growth hacking the plus size Swimwear market with the Kai boutique

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How’s everybody doing welcome to the second challenge. And I’ve got two special guests with me here today for the next challenge. But before we get started, I just want to introduce you to grow thinking, which is what the growth challenge is based on. It’s a 10 day challenge and you get three growth hacks in those 10 days with the objective to 10 X, your growth. So allow me the pleasure of introducing Hanya and Maya, who are from the Kai boutique, which is a unique niche that they’re going after. I’m not going to steal their wind on this one. I’m going to let them tell you exactly what they’re up to. And they have a very interesting movement that they’re trying to make happen. And I believe they’re going to really pull it off by using growth thinking I’m going to let them take the floor and introduce themselves and tell a little bit more about the Chi boutique. Go ahead. Okay.

And, um, so the kind of critique is, uh, all about accepting a woman’s body, just the way it is and her, you know, body shape, body size, everything. Um, we wanted, we came up with this idea because we wanted to break through this, um, social media stigma of, uh, what a woman should look like to be, um, to feel good about herself. And, uh, we wanted to break through that by, um, introducing a line of swimwear that accepts a woman for the way she is and, um, encourages, uh, self-love through, um, our different designs that cater to different body sizes and different body shapes. Um, like we’ve been through it all personally. Uh, we’ve we’ve been comparing our bodies to, you know, the Instagram models and, uh, we know the effect that it does to women. Um, as well as like buying swimsuits, um, or like any, any kind of, uh, really any kind of, um, clothes, uh, you just see it then you’re like, oh my God, it looks so good on that model.

But then when you wear it, it’s like, why do I feel so bad? Um, especially swimwear. Um, so as well as, um, modesty and this one where like, whenever we pick a piece, it’s always like, you know, to, to out there. And we don’t like that. Like, we, we as girls that we know, we understand the girls that want like the, the, the look of the swimwear, they want to feel good about it and everything, but as well as the modesty of it. So we were focusing on that and what Maya said, this is actually how we came up with the idea, because we were just sitting there, you know, talking about, um, going on a staycation. So we’re like, you know, let’s shop for some swimwear for that staycation. And we just were, we’re going online and we’re just checking the designs. And we’re like, okay.

So, I mean, they look great on the model, but that’s because she’s like, you know, completely photo-shopped and, uh, everything’s like airbrush, then you just start to like, doc yourself. Like, I’m probably not going to look that good in that piece, you know, or even like the designs that are very like tiny. And we just, you know, you want to be comfortable on the beach. You don’t want to be sitting there trying not to move too much so that, you know, things don’t move around. But like, um, so that like, even us, like, not even like the stage direction, when, when we just talk on Instagram, we’re always like sending each other, you know, this model or that model. We’re like, why don’t we look like that? Why do I look like that? We don’t have to look like that. I mean, we look good as we are. It’s just that, you know, the Instagram, Instagram and the social media mentality really changed the brainwash is, um, you’re always bringing machines, you know? So that’s the movement where basically we want young girls, especially because they’re growing up in that environment. We want her to, to be confident and be like, you know what? I don’t look like that, but I look good as well. So yeah,

I th I think timing, I think your timing is quite amazing given the pandemic or where we are in the pandemics with last year, people have been really looking inside to, to ask really deep questions. Like, what’s my, what’s my purpose in life, or what am I all about? Or, you know, what am I to do next? And I think like a lot of these sort of, sort of inner focus, reflections that people have. Um, I know that it’s not about swimsuits, but I think that the fact that you’re tapping into this kind of movement is very powerful at this time. And there’s a very interesting Ted talk by a gentleman named bill gross. He’s the founder of idea labs. And he basically manufacturers companies, and he keeps building all these startup companies. And he comes up with these five factors in this talk, where he talks about, um, what are the reasons why a company would succeed?

So he has these 501 is like the idea, you know, the team, the execution, um, the, the, you know, the place where you are. And then finally the timing, uh, if I remember them correctly. So the least expected factor that everyone thought would be the one that wouldn’t work is actually timing. And that’s the one thing where really smart entrepreneurs are able to really tap into opportunities. They, they see something and they’re able to execute within a certain time where there’s a certain relevance and context to what they do. And I think that you’re in that sweet spot where I think the message, if, you know, it’s kind of like cheese or wine, right. If it’s too early or too late, it doesn’t taste. Right. And I think you’re at that sweet spot where it’s going to taste just right with this kind of message is going to really radiate with people.

Good to hear that from, especially. Yeah, I think like, I mean,

You know, not to go too far out, but I think men kind of feel the same way. I don’t mean about swimsuits, but, and you see these models and it looks great on whoever you’re looking at. And then you’re like, kind of like, well, I got a bit of a belly, you know, and so forth and like, don’t look the same on me. So a bit of background to it. I know, I think it was H and M got in trouble, uh, five or four years ago because they weren’t actually using models. They’re actually using a 3d rigged model. So it’s that, they’re actually digital people. They’re not real. They look real, but they found a way to scientifically perfect the body. So the models look perfect with the kind of clothes that they have on which is a completely unfair advantage just for some background information. So going against yeah, yeah, yeah. It it’s, it’s, it’s tough. So I think your timing is pretty awesome. Uh, so now, now that we’re, we’re gonna dig into this challenge. I mean, is there anything else that you wanted to check as your story is really powerful? I didn’t want to interject with some background information, but is there anything else that you wanted to share about Chi because you’re, by the way, what’s your handle on Instagram and that’s your primary, um, your primary channel, correct?

Yeah, it’s a ad that boutique

AI. Okay. AI. So I’m going to include that information. So those who are interested can follow you guys cause the story as it progresses. And I can see some of the things that you guys have been doing over the last little while, like really pumping up and progressing your content to really penetrate. And you have this one post, uh, you know, uh, you know, it feels weird as a guy saying this, but you’ve got like, you know, the different body profiles and you’ve got the different swimsuits in line with it. And I was like, wow, okay, this infographic is dead on. I think that people can really relate with this. And it’s a great way of kind of shaping of the market to understand like what you’re actually trying to do. So I thought that was actually really cool. And you guys should continue that. So is there anything else that you want to talk about when it comes to K boutique before we move on to kick in the challenge?

I think we also

Have a unique, um, meaning selling point, which is we offer the sizes from X small up to four XL, eight X, so are doing so it’s usually you get the X small, small, and medium and large sometimes X-Box large. Yeah. Uh, but we want to cater to that niche as well, you know? Cause like everyone deserves to wear a swimming suit on yeah. But

There’s no 10 X, right? There’s no, Nope, Nope. That’s what we’re going to do in the next 10 days. But I don’t think it’s the sizes you carry, right? Yeah, no, no.

Uh, but then again, like Maya said, um, we’re, we’re, we’re here not to sell swimsuits justice, south swimsuits. We’re here to sell a feeling. Um, we just want to ever feel, whoever wears our swimsuits better, they’re comfortable. And they are really joining the movement of just changing that mindset. So that’s what we’re focusing on right now. Wonderful.

Wonderful. So you guys ready to get started? So the 10 days took off from now. Okay. In those 10 days you’d get three growth hacks. Okay. And those three growth hacks are, and I just want to set some context as we pre agreed. Usually we don’t take on startups that are just at the launch, but because this is really unique, we’ve made an exception and they’re going to be growth hacking their launch itself and then using growth tax after this competition to further accelerate and scale your business. Correct? Yes. Awesome. So why don’t you tell us what, what you thought of, what, what you’re planning to do in the next 10 days for your first growth hack, second prototype and third growth hack, just to keep in mind for anyone tuning in, uh, this, when we do this challenge, it is not set in stone. There’s all kinds of flexibility because there’s things that can be discovered along the way like we had in the previous challenge, where there was a complete pivot where we changed direction completely. And we were able to get a 10 X in 10 days. So go ahead. Tell me, tell me what your growth hacks are.

Go first. Okay. Sure. Well, we discussed it and we want to start our launch with given now that it’s a pandemic. Like we want it to do a proper launch by, um, inviting, maybe micro-influencers, um, to a hotel or to a restaurant, but uh, since times are tricky now because of COVID we decided that’s, uh, or our launch, we could, uh, do a competition where we’d have a, it’s a social media competition would have like, it’s, it’s a way to, um, cause engagement, increased traffic and at the same time, try to build a community for ourselves. So it’s, uh, we having like maybe a one week, um, competition with a different giveaway every day. So maybe around seven winners for, um, for the week. And it’d be like, you know, tag your friends, follow our page, like our posts. And everyday we’ll like put, pick one winner, um, just to like, you know, motivate people, increase tropics our page. Um,

What’d you think? Yeah.

That’s so that’s your first growth hack, right. Is basically, um, using the first week in a way to engage your audience, to just let them know that you’re, that you’re there. Right?

Exactly. Exactly. We need to like make ourselves known in the second base basically like just let girls know that we’re here. Yeah,

Yeah, exactly. So gaining awareness and the growth act that you’re looking to do is like, how do you use those seven days to create a contest or competition of some kind to just get people engaged and gamify the experience, I guess is that that’s what you’re trying to do. Yep. Okay. Okay. That sounds awesome. Okay.

Uh, kind of like two thing, but, uh, but it works, but it works and uh, that’s what we want right now. Like we just want to set the community so that when we, so we know that we’re selling for the right people and uh, for the people that actually care about the movement.

Absolutely. Yeah. You’ve got to find, so it’s about creating also discoverability. So being able to be discoverable by the audience that’s most, I think that aligns best with your movement and your products. We have that in the last challenge as well. It was the first growth hack. We had a discoverability problem and we were trying to figure out how to hack that. So that’s wonderful because if people don’t know you exist, anything you do after that, wouldn’t really matter what it, so it’s good that you’ve got that as your first growth hack

Is about the drawer. We’re trying to find like partners that are, um, women based businesses. So we’re trying to encourage women as well. Um, you know, how the community, or specific to small businesses who are like us, so, you know, to support other small.

Right. So, okay. So since we’re on the topic for anybody who’s watching this and just imagine like, I mean, what would be kind of the three kinds of things that you’re looking for or someone say, Hey, that’s me, I want to reach out to you. What, what, what would it be in the sense of like a criteria would be the most ideal partner? What would you give them and what would they benefit from working with you in general? I mean, I know it wouldn’t be very specific right now, but just for those who are watching,

Um, skincare products, um, beauty products, stuff that also make you feel good about yourself as well, like glasses accessories. Yeah.

Okay. Yeah. I like, I like the idea about making feel what’d you say feel good about yourself, right?

Yeah. Yeah. Okay.

I think that that’s a really cool title that ends up anything that makes you feel good about yourself and then of course, targets women. Um, I think those would be your two top criteria. Any last thing that you’d be really keen about for anyone who’s watching,

Um, keen about like you mean like partners.

Yeah, exactly. Like just somebody who’s watching this today. I want to partner with these guys. What, is there anything else or is that the two main things make you feel good about yourself and target women,

Target women, um, women based businesses as well. Um, anyone that really shares the movement, like anyone that shares that kind of mindset of making other women feel good, supporting each other, being a community, holding each other’s hands, you know, that kind of, um, you know, mentality and vibe is, is, is what we’re looking for really like, and of course, like whoever is, you know, who wants to join are welcome.

Something that’s unique. You haven’t thought of you’re open to, to, to communicating with them, but okay. That’s good to know that that’s really important. So that’s your first hack? What are you looking to do for your second growth? So once you’ve done that, first of all, what are you looking to

Do next? Um,

You on the floor? I think, uh, it’s very essential for us to build a community. And, um, I think it’s actually not a bad idea, not a bad thing that we are planning on doing, um, like a proper, proper launch maybe later on down the line when it’s, you know, the rules are less strict than now because of COVID because, uh, it’s very important to have a community, you know, before you do like something really big piece. I think so, especially like social media is very dominant and um, you just need to have, yeah, that’s a foundation of followers, um, loyal customers, but because we can do that, like when we go live and uh, because we’re being virtual, like launching virtually on down the line, we are considering popups as well. Like, because we cannot hold our own event because of COVID. So maybe pop-ups, um, are more like, um, controlled and there’s like rules and regulations. So we don’t have to go through the trouble basically. So popups, I think puts us on the floor, uh, makes us communicate face. Yeah. That’s awesome.

Oh, that’s awesome. I love the energy there. No, no. Keep going, keep going. Yeah.

I feel like they’re all like interconnected. You’re you’re still building through these competitions because you’re inviting you’re you’re telling your followers to invite their friends to the page by like talking them and asking them to follow. So they kind of all go, like I had the main theme, like of even like our three hacks are all communication and like community building. So regardless of whether it’s always connected as myself, so it’s all like it’s yeah. It’s

Like, it’s like Lego. I mean, basically your strategies that you’re not going to do a whole, you’re not going to do three different growth hacks. They’re all related to the launch in each one of them connects to the other one, basically. So one is discoverability then building a community and then distribution, which is getting out there through unique experiences or pop-up shops where people can actually engage with your brand and you can start selling product. Basically. That’s always different

From the online thing. And then, you know, helps. It’s nice to like interact with people face to face. Tell our story. Uh face-to-face it’s it’s makes it more personal. Yeah. Agreed.

And P people are like, again, your timing is fantastic because people are yearning to connect. And I think like, as long as it’s within protocol and it’s safe and you’ve got, and I’m sure you’ll do that. Um, I think people will be very interested to engage. I’ve I’ve noticed with some of the events that I’ve been involved in, uh, people are more excited than they’ve ever been to get out and into an actual physical event than they’ve ever been before. So like pre COVID people were kind of like, oh, not another event now it’s kinda like, I can’t wait to get out and just connect with people. Um, so I think, again, your timing on that front is quite a ministry. You gotta use it wisely. Right? When it comes to timing, we know it’s like a window of time. We don’t know how long it will last, but we’ve got to utilize it as fast and as well as possible. Cause I think again, like your timing is dead on with what you’re doing.

Yeah. Uh it’s. It’s like you said, like it’s all interconnected because as well, like if we’re going to consider micro influencers, it’s going to be as well, like, um, models who are not models. Um, like basically influencers who look like us. Uh, we’re looking for plus size. If there’s anyone out there who is interested in plus size, there

You go. Put it out there. Yes. Put it out there. Exactly. No, really do it because that’s really important. We’ll re reiterate that in, in, in the, in some of the other episodes as we finish out, because I think like micro-influencers, as you rightly putting out are probably your best bet because they’ve got more potent audiences. So I think you need to potentially actually moving on beyond the first three strategies. I think you’re going to have to think of a way to really engage micro influencers in a really unique way. Uh, but that’s just like a thought I’m throwing out there that we can consider later on. But I like the fact that you’re already thinking that now, because that’s going to be crucial to your success, I believe.

Yeah, definitely. It’s just so hard to find the answers with plus sizes. Like, especially in Dubai and like the UAE. Um, that’s so tough. I it’s just like, you know, the ones with like authentic content. It’s not just about, um, you know, getting paid for product and talking about it. No, we just want like authentic. Um, we’re not, we’re not, we’re not like we’re not undermining the influencers who are like, you know, like into beauty and you know, everyone, um, whatever it makes you feel comfortable, you should do it. I’m not asking you to like, you know, be someone else, you know, be yourself. If that makes you feel good, you do that. You know, if you being raw and like, you know, unique and, and just being yourself, no makeup, basically. That’s fine too. Uh, but we are looking for that kind of that direction. Like, you know, don’t, don’t, don’t overdo it with makeup. You know, we don’t even like with our photoshoots, we don’t want the models to be done. We’re not going to be airbrushing anything, no makeup, just like minimal. Um, so that’s that’s yeah. You guys

Should create, you should create something called the no-makeup day where you challenge like, like big influencers there’s one day where all influencers don’t put any makeup on. What do you think of that?

You challenged them to, yeah. Especially with

Filters on Instagram. I mean, not filters all the time, but it’s a, I mean, we use them, but we look at the pictures and we’re like, I look good, but then this is like so fake, you know what I mean? So would it be like a movement where everyone’s just, you know, being themselves and to be honest, like when we go to the beach or like go to the pool, we don’t, we don’t have the full set of lashes. And like, you know, I don’t look like that. We’re like in a bun and we’re literally, they’re just running. Our kids

Were like, keep it, keep it, keeping it real. Yeah. And I think the mom, the mom’s element is important as well. Uh, I, I think you should draw on that as well, but yeah. I mean, what I like is that you guys are keeping it raw and real. And as I said again, that message and this timing right now is super important. I bet you that even some of the most glamorous models and influencers would also have an affinity to your message in, in, in some other ways, uh, don’t don’t underestimate it. I think they may, they may hear your message out very well, how they may engage with you may be different. But I think that they’ll, they’ll get exactly what you’re talking

About. Yeah, sure. I hope so.

Okay guys. So you’ve got 10 days, uh, we’ll see you in three days, we’re going to talk about the first girl hack. Okay. Uh, for those who are tuning in, there’ll be using the growth, thinking that the biology and there’ll be developing the growth in here with the three growth tanks over the next 10 days. You’ll see them in the next episode, we’ll be looking at their first growth hack guys. Good. And we’ll see you at the first growth act.