Growth hack the brand launch with an unforgettable giveaway for women [Growth Hack #1: S1 – E7]

Growth hack the brand launch with an unforgettable giveaway for women [Growth Hack #1: S1 – E7]

Growth hack the brand launch with an unforgettable giveaway for women [Growth Hack #1: S1 – E7] This is the 10-day growth hacking challenge, 3 growth hacks in 10 days t 10x the growth of your business

Growth hack the brand launch with an unforgettable giveaway for women [Growth Hack #1: S1 – E7]

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#GrowthHacking#GrowthHack#Growthhacker#Challenge#Competition​ By Growth Thinking Book The 10 day growth hacking challenge 10 days 3 growth hacks 10x results In 10 days, this challenge will turn your ideas into action in a snap to grow your business. Growth thinking is a new design methodology used by the top growth hackers, and now it’s here for everyone to use. Based on the bestselling book Growth Thinking, a design approach to growth hacking, you will quickly transform your growth from a flat-line to a swinging curve. Learn this methodology to quickly, easily, and at a low-cost fuel your growth. The best part no expertise in growth hacking is required. Get nominated today by reaching out to a challenger who has taken the challenge to nominate you as a contender.


Introduction The 10-day growth hacking challenge is designed to accelerate entrepreneurs’ growth from an idea to action in a snap. The challenge uses the growth thinking design methodology based on the book “Growth Thinking, think, design, growth hack, a design approach to growth hacking.” This challenge is destined to help those aspiring to grow exponentially use growth hacking as the means of growth. This is based on a science-based design tool used by some of the world’s top growth hackers.

The challenge gets the contenders focused on a growth problem they are actively tackling. Once that has been identified, the contender develops 3-growth hacks in 10 days. The guided approach challenges the contender to get out of their comfort zone using the best growth hacking strategies and tools. Using the growth thinking design to growth hack, the contenders use the creative yet structured approach to design, implement and test their growth hacks. This enables them to develop the core skills required to get their growth on track.



1. How does the challenge work?

In 10 days, you will develop 3 growth hacks to accelerate your growth. Those growth hacks can be in few formats. A single growth goal, with a single growth hack, improved until optimized. A single growth goal, with a multiple growth hack, improved until optimized. Multiple growth goals, with a single growth hack, improved until optimized. Multiple growth goals, with a multiple growth hack, improved until optimized. There is no wrong or right but rather what works best for you. The secret behind this is about getting your growth goal well defined. This is basically what is your number one growth problem. Once you know this, everything gets smoother and more refined with time.

2. Who is this challenge for?

The 10 day growth hacking challenge is for entrepreneurs and small-medium size business owners. This challenge is for one person, and it should be the key decision-maker of the business, like the CEO or founder only. If you’re in one of the following situations, you qualify. New startups (6-months old and more) Already operating businesses The key decision-maker Have a growth challenge This is not for people who are planning or about to start a business. This is not about how to or what sort of business I should begin to; we focus on already established companies, even if they are startups who have been operating for a very little amount of time, but they have to be operating.

3. How do I get nominated?

If a contender has not nominated you, reach out to a current or previous contender to nominate you. Please describe your passion, mission, vision, and growth problem to the contender who will recommend you. Contenders will only back those they feel or see fit and can benefit from this challenge.

4. What are the benefits?

Only 1% of companies ever achieve exponential growth. This is a unique opportunity to access rare resources and a methodology used by the top girth hackers globally who have helped unicorn startups and fortune 500 companies grow. Skill-building to develop your growth hacking talent Inspiration to get you moving and taking action Expert guides insights by bestselling author Nader Sabry A launchpad to continue growing as a capability Access to unique resources only the best growth hackers use Usually, this kind of training and expert-guided consulting during the process would be more than USD $10,000. They get this all for free with access to the author to further support skill development and enhance growth hacking practices for challengers and nominees.

Learn how to grow hack using the growth thinking methodology.

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Growth hack the brand launch with an unforgettable giveaway for women

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Hi, welcome back to the 10 day growth hacking challenge. I just wanted to let you know that this is the first hack in our second, uh, contenders that we put together. It is our two contenders from the kind of boutique it’s Hanya and Maya. Uh, if you haven’t seen or know much about them, you can go to the first video where you can learn a little bit more about what they’re up to today. They’ve had, uh, three days to work on their first growth hack, and they’re using the growth thinking methodology, which is in the growth thinking book. As you can see right here, um, they’re going to walk us through, uh, their first growth hack. We’re going to look at what has worked, what hasn’t worked and what they plan to do next. Let’s kick it over to you guys. What, what has gone on there? Just, just to recap, I remember that the first growth hack was basically, uh, we’re growth hacking your launch, but the first hack is about your massive giveaway or creating an unforgettable giveaway that gets people engaged and understanding that you your brand and that you exist. Correct?

Yeah. And so this giveaway would also be tackling the whole community building because we’d be asking people to talk their friends, follow the page,

Have two birds with one stone. So you’re kind of, you’re preparing for hack number two with hack number one. Exactly. Yeah, go for it. Tell us, tell us the exciting news. Tell us, tell us what is growth hacking, number one, uh, what, what you’ve done, what the results have been and what you’ve learned from that?

Well, it hasn’t been much since the last call, but, uh, we’ve uh, already went into action. And as we said in the last video, we’ve always focused on a woman based businesses. So we’ve contacted a lot of, um, you know, uh, small businesses that we can support as well. And, um, yeah, we’ve gotten some replies, exciting replies. A lot of people are actually willing to, to work with us. Um, despite what I was thinking, you know, like we’re like a small business, no one is going to what is actually pretty surprising for me as well. Yeah, really.

So, so what’s, what’s, what’s the, what did you learn about the willingness? Is there any underlying reason why you found them willing to willing to do it?

Um, I think it’s the, how we portrayed our image. Like we we’ve, we made sure that before we launch, we, our Instagram really talks about our story. So I think contacted, they they’ve been to our page and they know the reason why we’re doing this, um, which is encouraging and, uh, as well as like, I think everyone is in that mindset where they want to support each other as well. So yeah,

The timing, right. That’s that’s, that’s what we’re seeing. Correct

Video. You said about the timing. Um, the timing is really good. Um, but yeah, like I, I think what we’ve learned I’ve learned the most is, um, not to undermine what my thoughts are. Like, just go for it. Even if you get a note, that’s fine, but at least you’ll be surprised with what the assets, you know, so it’s exciting. It’s cool.

I’m glad to hear that. Yeah. I think like every, every, every failure gets you closer to a success, so you actually really want more of those. And I’m glad that you’ve had the courage to do that and that you see that. And that’s part of growth hacking where we’ve got to consistently keep experimenting and trying until we figure it out. So one of, I think one of the big successes that we’ve discovered here, and it was an assumption that we had by the way in the first video was that your timing is dead on. And so now that the star are shining, right? It’s about like executing really fast right now on these, on these both sides. Cause we don’t know what this, uh, what time of window this window of time is gonna look like for you guys. So we need to execute on it as quickly and intensively as possible. So walk me a bit more through the growth. I mean, I’m that, to see that you’ve got responsiveness, have you landed, um, anything or put anything together? Um, for, for the launch,

We have learned a few, uh, partners, uh, but we have decided that, I mean, we discussed the last, uh, video that we were going to do one week of a competition with a daily winner, but try to run the competition for a week and how you one winner with like the great prize, you know, what the partners just like, you know, the giveaway. So it’s just to make it more exciting. Self is going to be worth a lot of money. So, you know, we wanted to make sure that whoever wins, it’s a big statement, not just like a daily winner, we can run that later, maybe with swimming suits, but this package, because it’s the launch we wanted to make it ground. So yeah,

So that’s a, that’s a shift in the initial thinking, which is awesome. It makes a lot of sense. How do you plan in those seven days to keep people engaged and keep them just moving along to get to that grand prize? So you’ve got like this great incentive you’re going to put at the end. How do you keep it moving along in those seven days so that people are aware that this is big debt grand prize at the end, the

Teasers we’d be running probably like teasers throughout the week, um, of, um, let possible reveals of who we’ve partnered with or the exciting, I don’t mind, like I think we should reveal. And I think our partners as well should put on the competition and their stories and um, yeah, just, um, you know, runners, everyday stories, posts, uh, reels, uh, tech talks, um, you know, we don’t have a Facebook page yet and don’t pressure me. Yeah. But that’s why I’m not focusing on it right now, but I’m focusing on it. Yeah. Um, and yeah, so we’ll, we’ll see how it goes.

Good. Good. Yeah. I mean, speaking of like Facebook, of course, I won’t press you on it, but I’ve noticed that with a lot of types of the different types of businesses I work with, you’ll find that you’re very strong at one platform and that you invest in one platform and everything kind of Springs out of that one platform. So that’s just something to keep in the back of your mind. So if Instagram happens to be your, your, your superpower, when it comes to social media, then it just happens to be that and everything else would just work with that. So you do want to be present in many places. And the brilliant part is Instagram and Facebook at the same company. They’re very highly integrated. In fact, the content you share on Instagram can instantly go to Facebook without you actually doing anything more than just one click one time.

Um, and so take advantage of that. Uh, you don’t need to do it now, but as you move along, cause I know you’re completely focused on, on the giveaway. Um, don’t underestimate Facebook. Um, I, myself, I’m more pro Instagram like yourself than Facebook, but Facebook has shown amazing results, uh, for some of the clients I’ve worked with as well. So bill definitely ended up and I think we talked about video last time as well. I know you guys are not there yet, but eventually I think it will be, it’ll be a really good place to be. So YouTube is an excellent area for growth hacking just for those who are watching and for you guys as well. Um, the sort of social media works with what’s called the firehose. The firehose is basically the feed and to stay relevant in that feed, you just got to keep pumping content and getting more engagement in that comment.

And so you’re in this consistent hamster wheel you’re running and running and running. Uh, the thing about YouTube is they don’t have, uh, they don’t have that, um, firehose, uh, you’re you can take a video from 10 years ago, we optimize it and it becomes, uh, becomes viral again, uh, because it’s very, very sticky. So YouTube is a place that I invest in a it’s a place I know a lot of really top end sources invest in as well, just because of that reason. So just keep that in the back of your mind, something you don’t need to do now, but something to think about later on,

We actually discussed the last time and we have a really nice idea. I feel like it’s, um, it’s not like we need to have a base for it. Maybe have like a good, uh, uh, followers base and then we can actually create the YouTube. Do you want to know that idea? Or maybe we shouldn’t

It’s up to you. I mean, but I think what we’ll do is we’ll focus on the first half for now and then maybe pretend potentially because there’s going to be so much learning as you’ve gone along. And like one of the most amazing learnings that I’ve seen right now, and I’m really happy about is that you kind of expected some friction when you went to pitch people and you didn’t find very much, which is awesome. They seem to be quite conducive to your messaging and conducive to your movement. And it’s a timing issue, like what we’ve discussed. So continue walking me through the growth acts. So you’ve, you’ve gone out, you’ve talked to a few partners, you’ve got a few partners have given you the thumbs up. Um, you’ve decided to change from a daily giveaway to a one grand prize giveaway, uh, at the end of the week. And then you’re going to engage in the middle. How do we, how do we make the engagement in the middle more virals? You mentioned you want to get your partners, uh, sharing that. How do you get people in the audience sharing as well? So you’ve got this bigger balloon around you, or I dunno, balloon is the right word, but at least a bigger reach with when it comes to your activities.

One of the rules in order to get into the draw, uh, you need to follow our page, follow our partners, the ones that are, um, you know, partnering with us with a gift and, um, the tagging three friends. So the more you tag, the more you, uh, have a chance to getting in the drama. So that’s one of the things that we’re working with right now. It’s just that, you know, we don’t want it to make, we don’t want it to be difficult or anything. Um, so yeah, I don’t know. I’ve seen a lot of these competitions being run on social media and they seem to be very effective, but also build a community and, um, our partners benefit from it as well. You know? Absolutely.

So there’s a few tools that actually automate this for you, where for every time they do, um, some interaction that you ask for, they get another chance to win and it’s all automated and calculated for you. Uh, there’s a few tools that you can use out there and the best part about it is you capture their information. So because of that, you can actually start building your community, not just because you’re building an audience, which is native to Instagram, but you can use one of these tools so that you can start capturing their information so that you can contact them later on for future, of course, giveaways and getting them into your next tack, which is the community bit. Um, I don’t recall the name of any of these tools off the top of my head, but if you type in viral giveaways, okay, so that’s kind of the keyboard.

So viral giveaway tools, you’re going to find several of them. And the growth hack that this is built on, it’s called a viral loop. A viral loop is this the, a single viral loop, a double viral and a triple viral loop. This was actually, um, best demonstrated by hot, hot mail when they first came out. And so at the bottom of every email, it says, get your free email. And so whoever’s sending an email every time they would just expand the user base. So, uh, that’s a really simple example in today’s world and social media, like you said, the giveaways a lot of companies are using and every time an interaction takes place, boom, the chances of winning that grand prize that even bigger and you keep gamifying it. So my suggestion is try to find one of these viral tools. I know they’re not very expensive, sorry, viral giveaway tools that can just automate the whole thing, but the most important times you’re capturing that audience, which you’re going to utilize in your next hack, which we don’t want to give away right now. I know you’re thinking ahead, which is very good because you want to be connecting the

Yeah. Good, good to know that. We’re yeah.

I’m, I’m happy with the response that you received from the partners you’ve gone out with. Uh, cause that’s I remember you, there was a lot of contention relate to that and I don’t blame you. Uh, everybody’s a bit worried about doing that.

Yeah. I think as well, like we, um, we really, uh, targeted the right partners. You know what I mean? Like I think it was a lucky shot, really went with the, uh, with the people that really have the same mindset. So we’re actually not done yet.

I, and this, this, this might become an ongoing thing for you, by the way, where you have you go from like the first giveaway, but every you’re doing like every week or every month, um, a giveaway package anyways, and you’ve worked with the same partners over and over again, the key is creating value. I mean, we talked about this quite a few times. So as long as everybody in the chain is, is, is getting value out of this. I think they’ll become a little bit more consistent. Now. I know maybe you can’t say who the partners are, but can you tell us a little bit more about the type of partners? Cause I know when we spoke about the criteria and in the last video you given sort of a, a broad criteria, if you can remind us of that criteria and, and when you went out, the kind of partners you were able to get, I know you can’t say who they are, but if you’ve downstairs kind of like a bit of insight to the type of partners you were able to attract that, I think it’d be very interesting to hear.

Um, mostly like the brands that we’re working with, um, are, um, feel good, you know, like they, they both the feel good, uh, women feel good to kind of a statement. Um, they compliment compliment our brands, like the beachy kind of, uh, you know, I don’t want to say too much, but like there, or like at the beach or, um, swimming suits or something like that, you know? So

Yeah. Yeah. It’s so, so still a mystery and surprise. No, no, I love that. I love that. I know you can’t really tell who it is, but I just wanted to give the audience an idea of that because I know you had a, you got a really nice criteria, which I really liked. Like, you know, it’s a feel good thing. And that’s like a fuzzy thing for many people. Like what does feel good minutes? It could mean different things to different people, but I love the fact how you set that as your priority. And it became your single measure of how you actually align your partners to it. I think a lot of people will learn from you, uh, based on that, on that approach, by the way. Thank you. Oh, that’s great. No hats off to you guys on that. That that’s pretty awesome. So anything else you want to share? Like any, any other learnings? I mean, let’s, let’s go back to the very last point of the process, which is always the learning. I mean, what, w what are some of the takeaways that you’ve learned from, from hack number one?

Um, for me as like, as I said, the, uh, don’t, don’t undermine, you know, what you can do. Um, and, um, I think as well, like one of the, like, it’s pretty broad, but, uh, one of the learning things that I’ve, um, you know, captured is, um, uh, don’t, don’t be afraid to ask for help, you know, like with you or Maya, like sometimes I would just be like, you know, I can do it. It’s fine. I’ll just do it. I’ll just do it. But when you actually give some people the things that you can’t do, um, it opens up so many doors with the thoughts, with the ideas, with like, Maya’s better than, than me and other things, and I’m better than my and other things. So we pump them into each other and it gets work done. Uh, so I think that’s, the ideas came flowing. Like, just, what about this? What about that? You can do this, I can do this and I didn’t know how to do it. So it’s exciting.

Yeah. Perfect. Perfect. So the synergy, the synergy between you guys, I think you’re learning a lot about each other, which is important in a partnership, um, you know, who can fill in what gaps and the learning that takes place with that, right? Yeah. Yeah. I think this is really interesting. Go ahead. Yeah, yeah.

Patient with a lot of things. So like just take the things that I’m not patient with. So,

Yeah, so it’s interesting because it sounds like a really soft point and like, what does that have to do with growth hacking, but it has a lot to do with it. So in growth hacking, when we’re just looking at the technical side of things, there’s obviously the human side of things and the human side of things, as far as I’m concerned, when it comes to human behavior, whether it be, you know, the team, your partners, or even your customers play even a more vital role than technology, um, you know, how you get along with people, how you communicate with people, how you connect with people, how you find people, um, you know, going beyond, you know, the most obvious things that take place when it comes to engagement on social media is where the real value is. And I’m happy to see that. So, although it sounds like a really soft point, it’s actually a really crucial point because how you collaborate work with others, uh, has a, you know, the old saying garbage in garbage out, right. If it’s a bad collaboration, then it’s at the beginning and the output is not going to be so great. But in the soft skills are super, super important when it comes to building a growth tax, because otherwise you wouldn’t know how to connect it like Lego with, with one other that’s that’s that’s that’s. I like that. That’s really, really good.

Yeah. What about you? What did you learn about the partnerships? I mean, you don’t like what you said, you, you doubt yourself. Cause you’re still small. And a lot of times when I was approaching, like the people that I want to work with, I had this doubt, like, I’m so small, like, what am I going to present to them? You know what I mean? But you’ll be surprised that, uh, there are other small businesses out there who are willing to partner. And like you said, you have to create value and, and I think great design as well. Yeah. They don’t want to work with like big brands. They want to work with startup brands as well. Um, I think that we have as well. I think it’s just, everyone wants to be part of that. I think as well, like it gives them intensity of the brand, you know, like it’s not a big brand, we’re just selling the name. No, we’re actually sending a message. So yeah,

I think, yeah. And that you need to repeat more of that. Cause that one learning nugget where small businesses want to work with other authentic small businesses, I think because there’s so many of them, I think the collaboration opportunities are just huge and you’ll have to find a way. I really think, I mean, do consider this, um, once you’re done with this giveaway, we can obviously take actually a closer look at some of the, more to details. But I think like how do you actually turn that in scale? It, cause it can be a primary competitive advantage for you. So it could be like one every week or one every month, but you consistently have partners that you work with on, on the longterm basis, not just for the kickoff or the launch of your business. Um, because if you’re finding that small businesses are extremely, which they are and they’re authentic to your message, uh, don’t stop. Don’t stop. Don’t make it a one time thing to keep it going. I know you’re probably thinking the back and I’m like, God, he’s overloading us. Right.

The idea is just to, what about this? What about that? What about, and you feel like you’re dreaming big, but then you made, you simply simplify it in such a way that we can actually do it. You know, like you take a big idea. You, you make it work for a small business. So it’s, it’s actually, especially after that first meeting that we had with you and we just, you know, you like the meeting was open. It was just sitting there like so overwhelmed, like, oh my God, why didn’t I think of like the amount of ideas that, you know, the amount of things that we can do, but it was just like so overwhelming, but then we, like, we break, we broke it down and just simplified it and it just becomes,

It’s all possible. It’s all possible. Like, I mean, you talk about like, you’re, you’re like a small guy. So in my first book I talked about asymmetrical warfare and asymmetrical warfare is exactly what you’re doing, which is like, I’m the small guy and the small guy can win. So when you look at like a Google or a Netflix or whatever big company is, I mean, they used to be a small guy. Uh, they actually entered, uh, successfully in asymmetrical warfare with their competitors. Um, and that’s actually what you’re doing. It’s, it’s the small guy winning and it works. Um, I, I you’ve been conditioned like all of us that, oh, it’s only the big guys that can win, but the big guys were never, always big guys. They were small guys as well, who were competing with someone else, right?

Yeah. Yeah. Okay guys. So, so that’s awesome. So that’s hack number one, that’s the giveaway hat, uh, the, they shifted from seven days to one day with one big grand prize. They’ve had an extreme amount of success in actually talking to partners because they’re talking through the right people, other small businesses that are authentic to their message and the timing of all this has been incredible guys. I think we can agree that the timing is, is, um, it’s, well-timed, it’s, let’s execute and make it happen. Right. Awesome. So we’ll see you guys in the next growth hack for those just tuning out. This is based on the growth thinking book. Uh, this is the 10 day growth hacking challenge hack. Number one, check us out and hack number two, that will be coming up really soon in, well, not soon in three days, and to learn more about the Kai boutique and Hanya and may Maya, sorry, you can go to the first video and learn a bit more about them and visit their profile and engage with, see you in the next video.