Donuts & Ice Cream social media ad in 15 seconds for less than $50 [Growth Hack #3: S1 – E14]

Donuts & Ice Cream social media ad in 15 seconds for less than $50 [Growth Hack #3: S1 – E14]

Donuts & Ice Cream social media ad in 15 seconds for less than $50 [Growth Hack #3: S1 – E14]

Donuts & Ice Cream social media ad in 15 seconds for less than $50 [Growth Hack #3: S1 – E14]

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Introduction The 10-day growth hacking challenge is designed to accelerate entrepreneurs’ growth from an idea to action in a snap. The challenge uses the growth thinking design methodology based on the book “Growth Thinking, think, design, growth hack, a design approach to growth hacking.” This challenge is destined to help those aspiring to grow exponentially use growth hacking as the means of growth. This is based on a science-based design tool used by some of the world’s top growth hackers.

The challenge gets the contenders focused on a growth problem they are actively tackling. Once that has been identified, the contender develops 3-growth hacks in 10 days. The guided approach challenges the contender to get out of their comfort zone using the best growth hacking strategies and tools. Using the growth thinking design to growth hack, the contenders use the creative yet structured approach to design, implement and test their growth hacks. This enables them to develop the core skills required to get their growth on track.



1. How does the challenge work?

In 10 days, you will develop 3 growth hacks to accelerate your growth. Those growth hacks can be in few formats. A single growth goal, with a single growth hack, improved until optimized. A single growth goal, with a multiple growth hack, improved until optimized. Multiple growth goals, with a single growth hack, improved until optimized. Multiple growth goals, with a multiple growth hack, improved until optimized. There is no wrong or right but rather what works best for you. The secret behind this is about getting your growth goal well defined. This is basically what is your number one growth problem. Once you know this, everything gets smoother and more refined with time.

2. Who is this challenge for?

The 10 day growth hacking challenge is for entrepreneurs and small-medium size business owners. This challenge is for one person, and it should be the key decision-maker of the business, like the CEO or founder only. If you’re in one of the following situations, you qualify. New startups (6-months old and more) Already operating businesses The key decision-maker Have a growth challenge This is not for people who are planning or about to start a business. This is not about how to or what sort of business I should begin to; we focus on already established companies, even if they are startups who have been operating for a very little amount of time, but they have to be operating.

3. How do I get nominated?

If a contender has not nominated you, reach out to a current or previous contender to nominate you. Please describe your passion, mission, vision, and growth problem to the contender who will recommend you. Contenders will only back those they feel or see fit and can benefit from this challenge.

4. What are the benefits?

Only 1% of companies ever achieve exponential growth. This is a unique opportunity to access rare resources and a methodology used by the top girth hackers globally who have helped unicorn startups and fortune 500 companies grow. Skill-building to develop your growth hacking talent Inspiration to get you moving and taking action Expert guides insights by bestselling author Nader Sabry A launchpad to continue growing as a capability Access to unique resources only the best growth hackers use Usually, this kind of training and expert-guided consulting during the process would be more than USD $10,000. They get this all for free with access to the author to further support skill development and enhance growth hacking practices for challengers and nominees.

Learn how to grow hack using the growth thinking methodology.

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Donuts & Ice Cream social media ad in 15 seconds for less than $50 [Growth Hack #3: S1 – E14]

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Welcome to the 10 day growth hacking challenge with your hosts, Matt or Sabri we’re here today on the hack with, uh, Shahab Ahmed. Uh, she’s doing a grand hack, which is essentially taking a half a million dollar TV, commercial that 60 seconds and shrinking it into 15 seconds for $50 and being able to produce it or learning how to produce it in five minutes, we’re all here on hack number three and hack number one, she demonstrated and podcasts about the hack, which has before Matt on how to do that. Whether you are doing a big commercial or 15 seconds hack number two, is the format or taking the format, correct Shahab that’s the first one is the format. And second is then the taking the format and using the format. And today we’ve got the final hack, which is the actual production piece is going to show it to us or we’re going to play it.

And then we’re going to talk about the steps from the other hacks, how they led to these. And these are, these are incremental yet progressive hacks. These are really important to understand, um, you know, there’s what we call the 1% rule. The 1% rule is the ability to compound effort. And as you compound effort, your speed builds up and you get perpetuation. And through that, you get momentum and that’s what really drives long-term sustainable growth. It’s just to put that into perspective. So that’s step back, uh, shattered. If you can go ahead and tell us about growth hack number three, how it connects to one and two, and then we can actually show the video and we’ll go into it. What do you think?

Sounds good. Okay. So, hi. Um, so, um, for hack number three, I wanted to, uh, show you basically how I took the five key factors and implemented it into the production itself. So, um, you know, I, I involved storytelling key message of visual appeal and call to action, whether it was that’s a lot or not, it was still effective. Um, and just keep in mind, like 15 seconds is really a challenge, you know, to condense all of this into 15 seconds was definitely a challenge. Um, especially doing it on an iPhone. Like it’s, it’s a challenge, but I think we got it.

It was done 100% on iPhone. Um, can you tell us what, what were the materials, how did you prepare to do this so fast, so quick, so cheap.

Um, so I studied the brand. I asked, you know, the owners, like, what are the unique selling points or what do you want to highlight? Or what are the key things to highlight? That was one. So I had a consultation, second of all, I wanted a storyline, but because it’s, it’s food, it’s a fun thing. It’s donuts, you know, there’s not much of a story other than come and enjoy it. You know, there there’s no like, yeah, like there’s, there’s, it’s so simple. Um, and you know, the visual, we try to keep it fun and, you know, uh, vibrant and, um, and yeah, like we, they have a small booth and we just try to see what we can use

In the space that they have. And, and that I would have never known that I would have never known that. I think when people see it in a second, they’ll know exactly what I’m talking about. Okay. Interesting. Yeah. I mean, that’s why that’s like explains behind the scenes, like how, like, I mean, you just, okay, what did you use? Just an iPhone, that’s it that’s a lie. It’s nothing at all. No, none. Wow. The shop

Has good lighting, to be honest, the shop has good lighting. That helped a lot. But even if it didn’t, if it had dimmer lights, we would have worked with that as well, you know? Um, yeah, but it was, that’s all we had. We didn’t do anything. We didn’t have, we had no other equipment and we have behind the scenes too, so, yeah. Okay.

So let me, let me, uh, share that. Um, so I’m gonna, I think from there, is that how it will work? Just tell me, do you see it on your screen? Yeah. Yeah. Cool. Okay. So let me play that. Let’s go for it. Okay.


Cool. Walk us through it.

So story-wise, for example, we wanted it to be more appealing to families. So, you know, we shot, you know, a family of a couple there and then two kids that came by and stuff and, you know, they are, they are regular customers. So we said, Hey, do you want to be in a cool video? They said, sure, we love this place. So let’s do it. Um, so, you know, we asked of course to take their photos and videos, um, to record them in this. So we just asked them to basically stand as if they’re ordering. Um, and then we, and then we went through the whole process of ordering where, you know, the different varieties, different flavors. Um, one thing they were really adamant on stressing on is the variety of flavors of donuts and, um, that they also offer ice cream and kids love ice cream and coffee.

So, uh, basically we had the kids wait for their ice cream and you see how they do the toppings asking for their toppings and then they’d take it. And then there’s a swing that’s attached to the, um, to the shop and them enjoying their ice cream. And then that’s it. And then it’s just, you know, simple, everyone has fun, everyone loves it, everyone’s happy. And, um, the visual was made mostly the food and like the coffee, like the, the machine and like we, what we did for the coffee, for example, what we did was actually I held the phone upside down. Okay. And then we traced the, the machines that they used. So I basically mimicked the machine that they used. Um, those are the angles, um, that we use for that. And, um, um, I’m not, I’m not sure about the terminologies for the coffee, but yeah, we, we traced, um, the movements of the coffee machine and stuff. Um, and then also with the sprinkles, you know, we basically,

You said it takes two, how long did it take to do all this? So it is obviously 15 seconds at the end, but how long did it take

To produce or shoot to shoot the whole thing?

I would say a day and a half. Yeah. So, because this is like, I mean, obviously this is really well done. Willie really well planned out and that, that time be shrunk. Uh, someone can do it in half a day or a day maximum. Is that possible

If they have everything they need? Yes, absolutely. Like, uh, for us there was also having the right talent, um, agreed to it. So, you know, we had to, that took a bit of time. Uh, but if they have all them, you know, everything available to them. Yeah, absolutely. You can.

There’s one more time. I just want to show everybody, this is how we took a well not we, but she had how she managed to take a TV, commercial. What would normally be done in a master production, but done in 15 seconds, uh, for $50 cost, it did take more than five minutes office to produce, but she can train you within five minutes, how to do it. And that will be her next hack, which is obviously not part of the challenge, but, uh, her next part. So let me, I’m just going to take this all the way at the beginning and we’re going to start over again. There we go. Pretty cool. I love how the kids put their hands up and magically showed up.

It just drops. That’s that’s, that’s what we want. We want it to magically fall in your lap. Yeah.

Oh, that’s hack number three. Okay. Uh, just to recap, uh, we’ve done, uh, three growth hacks here. Um, they’re all related to production. We’re trying to take a massive professional TV, commercial capability and shrinking it into 15 seconds for 50 bucks to be learned in five minutes. Uh, this, this obviously is a prototype example that when you do a prototype, initially it takes a bit longer. It obviously will take a little bit more cost and a little bit more effort. But once you, once you put the work stream in place or the workflow, things start to speed up and eventually you will be able to pull it off for $50 and within five minutes of learning to do exactly that kind of commercial upload yourself on social media. And so you can produce a lot of these. So that’s some hack number three. Is there anything else you want to add to this before we, uh, close it off?

Um, I think, I think this challenge really challenged me. I think this challenge really challenged me in so many ways. Um, a lot of it is time. So time management is key as well. Um, it’s very important that, you know, managing time is because if you don’t have that, then you’re, you’re really gonna,

It will struggle. Right. So save that. We’ll, we’ll look at that in the next episode where we’re going to just take a review and some of the takeaways when it relates to grow growth, hack number three, I think that’s it right. We’re done and dusted.

I think so. Yeah, absolutely regulations

For changing, uh, for not training, but congratulations for finishing the challenge. That is awesome. We’ll see you in the next video guys, for anyone who wants to know more information about shad and what she does get her information below, feel free to reach out to her. She’s going to be doing some more amazing things. Uh, we have a super secret supercharged growth hack that is in the background. We can’t talk about it. They will come in the future. So keep posted, see us in the next video for the conclusion of the whole, um, experience for this challenge. And please go back to hack number 201, and the kickoff, the check out and learn more about this. So you guys in the next video.