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Think, design growth hack—the new way of taking a growth hack from idea to action in a snap. Growth hacks quickly,y easily, and at a very low cost like never before.

Learn about what growth thinking is, how it works and how it will accelerate your growth

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Growth Thinking

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Growth By Design

Most Growth Hackers struggle to get traction for new ideas. A lack of guidance and clear next steps are to blame.

Imagine if you could grow a new idea from beginning to end, with a framework to move from idea and action in a fast, simple, and low-cost approach.

Actioning ideas with precision isn’t easy; with the growth thinking, science-backed design system built by the top minds in growth hacking, it’s a simple, well structured yet creative system that allows you to find growth.

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A simple yet powerful design system for growth

A simple yet powerful design system that will get you to grow your business or organization quickly.  Is easy, it’s creative, and it has a scientifically based design system behind it that growth hackers have been using to over 100x their own growth using this exact method.

Design System - Growth Thinking methodology
Design Growth - Growth Thinking Methodology
Design Language - Growth Thinking Methodology
Step-by-step Design System

Easy to use

Super easy to follow step by step design system supported by instructions and training to develop your basic skills all the way to advanced and top-secret techniques to supercharge your growth and some surprise advancements coming-soon! 

Let it flow

Let your creativity guide and inspire you through a systematic process design to turn an idea into action s quickly and as low cost as possible with a built-in feedback loop for progressive learning. 

Dynamic growth thinking design
metadata exactly what you need


Do not forget a thing; cover everything you need exactly without losing detail and not letting details get in the way of your creativity, putting your growth into action quickly, easily, and at low cost.


Used by growth hackers and growth managers, including Founders and CEOs of unicorns and fortune 500 companies.  The fastest-growing companies need tools that enable their accelerated growth, and that is what growth thinking does. 

For growth hackers
Growth Thinking Book

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Get a copy of growth thinking from as an
eBook, paperback, hardcover or audiobook today!

Accelerated learning system

A dynamic learning process that helps you capture failures and success to generate new growth hacks quickly.  This learning system is based on the FPL-system from the bestseller Ready Set Growth Hack: A Beginners Guide To Growth Hacking Success.

Accelerated Learning System

The 1:5:20 rule is a systematic way of accumulating learning and connecting it, finding unseen insights.  This starts with isolated learning on a 1:1 growth design level.  Then accumulating the first 5 growth designs into a 1:5 brings the best insights from your last 5 growth designs.  When you peat this 4 times, you have the 1:5:20 rule where you can use the power of linking all the insights accumulated among all 20 hacks into a single process to find powerful new growth design ideas.

Learn Quick with Growth Thinking system

Speed learning

Growth thinking design process has a structured yet flexible system for capturing learning, accumulating leading, and then converting them into practical, easy, quick, and low-cost growth hacks to acerbate your growth. 

New growth

Quickly generate new growth ideas with a structured and dynamic learning system.  This allows you to find unique insights to help you generate your next big growth hack, and your ability to look backward at how you reached your new ideas allowing you to validate, challenge and even generate more new insights.

Generate new Hacks with Growth Thinking system

We got you covered with the skills needed

We got you covered from the quick start to instantly start growth thinking design to basic skills to top-up your skills to advanced training using secret scientifically proven techniques to supercharge your growth.  Additionally, many new training resources are being developed to enable your growth.

Growth Thinking Training

Buy a copy of growth thinking

Get a copy of growth thinking from as an eBook, paperback, hardcover or audiobook today!

Science based design system

A proven design system used by growth hackers, consultants, professors, and other strategy experts.  This system blends strategy with execution through a scientifically build methodology based on several experiments and successful executions to validate the design system. 

scientifically proven backed growth thinking system

Scientifically proven variables that impact the results of growth giving you a short-cut to what actually really works in growth thinking and driving high return on investment 

razar sharp focus - growth thinking

understand where complexity is and why, how to avoid it and manage it effectively in advance without it getting in the way of your growth thinking design process  

Where to growth hack - Growth Thinking design

Where to hack

DO not know where to start or focus your efforts on hacking growth? Don’t worry; we got you covered with scientifically based four types of situations where hacking growth works best.  This helps you identify opportunities where growth thinking can be used to growth hack.

How does growth thinking compare to other methodologies ​

A unique add-on that complements mainstream methodologies 

Growth thinking plays an important yet unique role in the full spectrum of methodologies. 
It does not directly compete with other methodologies but rather fills a gap. 

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Compare Growth Thinking with other methodologies

Product and service design methodologies

Methodologies like design thinking and Sprint design are about to create a new product or service and developing the offering design with a close look into customers and consumers.
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Project management methodologies

Methodologies like Scrum, agile, waterfall, etc., are designed to help you manage to build a product or service from idea to full-scale operations.
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Building a company methodologies

Methodologies like business model canvas and value proposition design by Alexander Osterwalder at Strategyzer are for building a company.
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Everything you want to know about Growth Thinking

Growth Thinking is a design system used to help growth hackers quickly, easily and for a low cost prototype growth hacks before developing for commercial scale

You do not have to be a growth hacker to have any special technician skills of any kind to use this tool.  We provide training and a structure process that is simple enough for anyone to use.

Growth thinking is a 5-step process used to systematically unleash you creatively but also manage the details to develop and scale a growth hack quickly and easily. 

Yes, it will we provide you a simple step-by-step approach plus several additional resources for training.  This system us very simple yet powerful for anyone to use.

Growth Thinking is for growth hackers entrepreneurs, CEOs, and leaders who are responsible for the growth of their organization.  This is a great tool for teams to collaborate with.

You get started by purchasing the ebook and using the book as a workbook that walks you through the step-by-step process and helps you keep all the designs like a journal as part of the process for learning and generating new growth hacks.

Nader Sabry is a keynote speaker, strategist, innovator, and entrepreneur and a leading voice in innovation, space technology, government, and health/wellness.

He is a passionate advocate for inspiring the youth to embrace science and technology through the initiative in partnership with the US Space Foundation.


Sabry has directly raised the US $20 million in venture capital, indirectly $100 million for startups he has advised or cofounded, and $3 billion in foreign direct investment. He was the 43rd person in history to be NASA Space Technology certified, has served as a judge for the US Space Foundation’s Space Technology Hall of Fame, is a top-50 writer globally on, has been ranked one of the top 13 innovators in the MENA region making a difference by Step Conference, and was featured by A.T. Kearney as one of their top alumni.

Strategist, innovator and entrepreneur

Growth Thinking Book

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